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Shogun Robe - Form Us With Love- 02.06.08

smokingjac.jpgValentine’s Day is around the corner, so here’s a little something for the men ~ this kind of feels very Hugh Hefner channeling his inner Samurai on a Sunday morning, in a classic designer black. This is “Shogun”, the cotton terry robe for Swedish terry brand Pellevävare designed by Form Us With Love. The press release states:

“Shogun” is the name of the collaboration between young, innovative design studio Form Us With Love and prestige manufacturer of cotton terry, Pellevävare. The result is a limited edition of 30 exclusive robes of terry strategically reinforced with cotton canvas. “The inspiration derives from the Japanese medieval warriors and their protective outfits. We wanted the user to feel like a general, stepping out of bed, putting on his weekend uniform and start plotting strategies for the day.”




The robe is sold exclusively at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm for the price of
2995 SEK. (about 500$)


7 Notes

Amazing shotgun terry robe! The design is unique and awesome.

----- tim cook 02.08.13 06:04

I like it. It reminds me of the bad guy (Zorg)outfit from the movie “The fifth elements” where all the clothing was designed by French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. What´s the price tag?

----- Rying 08.02.08 03:20

That’s the best fitting robe for a guy.
Most guys look so shlubby in a robe.
Love the Napoleon look w/raised collar!
I do agree that the length could be longer.

----- spark 07.02.08 13:57

i 90% love this- it’s a bit too short for my taste- i like my robes “crazy man institutionalized” long.

----- andy cochrane 06.02.08 12:46

Interesting though visually unappealing. Looks like a cross of bathrobe and karate gi.

----- Patrick 06.02.08 09:50

I want one! Love the thumb-hole.

----- Mark 06.02.08 08:55

Awful. And this price?? Come on.

----- Tomasz Ronda 06.02.08 06:18

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