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Inflate- 02.26.08

inflater1.jpgMy latest obsession discovered at IDS08… Inflate’s airy structures! I fell in love with the white Luna cave/igloo that was set up in the corner of the show floor. There was also a black one, but with a silver exterior (i guess less likely to melt down in the sun if outside?) it wasn’t nearly as appealing. But the white one you can see images of below, it’s the perfect size for a playful rooftop studio space, or even in a backyard… it would probably be incredibly fun to have projections on the interior when its dark out… Anyhow, this prompted me to do much reading on the Inflate site, and this UK design and production studio was established in 1995 when founder, Nick Crosbie, was fresh out of RCA creating smaller scale products like fruitbowls, egg cups, ashtrays, etc…. with the first collection launched at 100% Design London it snowballed, and now they have 2 production facilities in the UK and an HK office! Naturally with a need for booths at competitions, the inflatables scaled up, and now they have moved into semi-permanent and permanent architectural structures as well! See many images below of why i’m smitten, and toying with whether 7,000$ for a pop up Luna is a worthwhile expense…

I could have lived in these adorable inflatble igloos all day at IDS ~ SO cute and strangely cozy in white… i think my future studio rooftop/backyard totally needs one of these, perhaps with a hammock inside?


(here’s Jenny and Leo chilling in the inflata-dome)









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I could totally see myself having a party in one of these :]

----- Ingrid 01.03.08 18:10

Harsh! Didn’t say it was new, said it was awesome to see in person, and was more impressive than i expected…

----- jean/NOTCOT 26.02.08 18:47

Bah! I have already seen this. James Bond had it many years before ;)(The World is not enough)

----- M72 26.02.08 15:24

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