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Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur- 02.26.08

sheridans1.jpgSheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur has truly the most incredible bottle design i’ve yet to encounter. I loved the stuff (and the packaging had a large part to do with that) when i lived in milan, and was absolutely fascinated by the split glass bottle, half filled with white, the other with black, and joined by the cap that magically poured a layered drink every time. Unfortunately, i started NOTCOT after returning, and never found it in the states… i even posted about it back in march 2005 when the site first launched, and even tracked down the case study of the bottle design! (You can view it below)… at the Duty Free in Toronto they had some! So i grabbed a bottle to take some pictures (and video!) of it to share with you, check it out below. It’s absolutely mesmerizing! Oh, and as for the taste, well its like a yummier bailey’s for those of you who like the sugary sweetness.




Here is the body of PA Consulting Group’s Case Study on the Design… fascinating read.

IDV (Grand Metropolitan), now UDV Diageo, the global drinks company, had conceived and tested a radically new two-part product in the international drinks market – Sheridan’s Perfect Pour. Whilst the brand had stimulated market interest worldwide, and gained international recognition as the most innovative drinks packaging for many years, customer feedback on pouring the drink from two separate but joined bottles was not good.

IDV was determined to make a success of the brand, and PAConsulting Group was given the task of designing and developing a new ‘fool-proof’ onestep pouring system within a twelve month timescale to meet a Christmas launch date.

Developing an easy-to-use pourer
Sheridan’s is a two component drink where a white vanilla creme liqueur is floated on to the surface of a dark coffee-chocolate liqueur, resulting in a drink similar in appearance to an Irish coffee. Consumers encountered three main problems when pouring from the original bottles which had two separate screw caps:
• Difficulty in removing two bottle caps to pour the two parts sequentially
• Difficulty in pouring the correct ratio of white and dark liqueurs (with the risk of having half a bottle of black liqueur left over)
• Difficulty in floating the white liqueur over the black (a very steady hand was required).

The perfect solution The first phase of PA’s design work established the feasibility of dispensing both liquids simultaneously, in the proportion required, in two separate layers. The viscous qualities of both fluids were considered, and also the control of the return air flow. Finally, the closure mechanism had to fit on to two joined bottles and meet the usual consumer requirements for liquid-tight sealing and ease of use.

The detailed design stage presented some complex problems which were solved using state-of-the-art surface modelling on CAD, eg establishing the 3-D geometry of the pouring channels and defining the surface shapes of the cap covers.

Rapid prototype techniques were used to test the design and to ensure the product pouring behaviour was as predicted. Finally, the design for manufacture was examined so that the relatively complex closure mechanism could undergo swift market testing.

A successful product launch PA’s development work quickly enabled IDV to gain sufficient confidence in the design to invest in the manufacture of the prototype tools for plastic injection moulding. Samples from these tools were used in production, and extensive market testing followed. Once the design had been proven, fullscale closure manufacture was started and a programme of further design evolution and cost reduction began.

The Sheridan’s Perfect Pour unit was introduced on time to a worldwide market, enabling IDV to build a substantial new drinks sector and brand around the novel concept. For further information, email: innovation@pa-consulting.com

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101 Notes

This liquor? J’ADORE!
Go to Changi Airport in Singapore, or Dubai..its there in the duty free shop :)

----- Jacobian 20.08.17 06:34

I bought a bottle of sheridan coffee layered liqueur in the duty free once in Amsterdam and Dubai, ever since I ‘ve been hooked. I live in los Angeles and have checked with big liquor stores like Bevmo, total wines, etc none carries it. Am frustrated I need it so bad. Best wine ever!

----- Diana franklin 13.05.15 16:52

I also have the same problem with this bottle of sheridan. Purchased the first one no problem, but the second one I just bought seems to have problem with the white liquor being so slow to come out. It used to always have the same height of black and white left, but now it’s so unbalanced. So right now I have to use manual ways to balance this drink… using my thumb to stop the black liquor… I am disappointed…

----- Freddy 06.04.15 21:05

Where can i buy Sheridans in Charlotte, North Carolina area ? I love this stuff.

----- Frank 20.05.14 10:54

I bought two bottles of Sheridans on the last cruise after tasteing a sample and loving it. Trouble was when I got home and beging using it I discoved it did not pour evenly. The black liqueur poured out immediatly and the white poured out about 3 seconds later. Not only that but the black came out with twice the amount that the white poured. As a result i’m down to the end of the bottle and the black liqueur is all gone and I’ve got about half a bottle of white left. I notice other people commented on this same problem.

----- Burton Angelo 21.10.13 13:58

I have a bottle of Sheridans purchased 5 years ago on a cruise, but never opened. Is it safe to drink?

----- Carolyn Smoak 24.09.13 09:43

can you pleAse tell me where I cAN BUY THIS IN b.c.
I am close to Victoria. BC

----- fay schwartz 27.04.13 15:32

Wow! Nice! I don’t drink much, but I do like to drink on special occasions. We took a cruise to Barbadoes this past January and saw Sheridan’s at the duty free shop on board. I passed it several times thinking about buying it, but didn’t till the end of the cruise. Boy am I glad I did. They gave out samples in little small cups which I loved!

We ended up buying two. We gave one to a friend and I kept the other. I just opened up mine and did a perfect pour. Great drink!

----- Stacy DeWine 02.02.13 21:03

How can I order Sheridan’s Cream Coffee Liqueur ? I love the design of the bottle and according to your notes, the tast is exceptional.

----- Samuel A Foster Jr 02.01.13 12:20

Hi, my husband and I can only get this on a cruise. We love to take this to parties and give to our friends as a gift. But once we give our gift, we don’t have any left for ourself.lol. We would love to order some to hold us over until our next cruise. How can we order your product?

----- AJ 23.12.12 10:44

We’ve just returned from a seven day cruise to several countries and islands in South America. We tried Sheridan’s for the first time and OMG, great stuff. I had to get a couple of bottles. I am sure it will be on me buy list from this point forward!

Hez & She L.C.

----- Hez 25.11.12 14:16

Sheridan’s always company me on mid night while in Papua….

----- ITHA MANGANDE 18.11.12 20:13

I would like to know how I can order this and have it shipped to my home. Can’t buy in SC

----- Janie Leroy 21.03.12 16:52

This stuff is bliss. I need to stock up while I’m still living on the border.

----- Tobias 29.01.12 18:24

I live in Naples, Fl. for 6 months and in Mich. the rest of the time, where can I find in Fl. and or Michigan.

----- Grantland Cinder 09.01.12 17:22

I live in Newfoundland, Canada where you can purchase it at the local Liquor store. Sipping on one now. mmmmmmmm

----- Peter 02.01.12 10:14

Can the black & white liqueur be purchased in Iowa? My wife & I had some last week on a cruise, and it was wonderful

----- Dick Whiton 15.11.11 09:58


----- Saurja Sen 15.11.11 02:32

I just so happened to be thinking about Sheridan’s recently for some reason, and I did a search online. I found your site. When I was stationed in Germany, I used to go to an Irish Pub that served it, and I loved to drink it. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere here stateside. I would love to find out where I could get some….

----- Jeff 02.09.11 13:46


----- JOHN KROM 16.06.11 08:24

How in the crap can I buy this ultimate product without going on a cruiz

----- Laura Roach 19.05.11 14:17

Hi everyone i fell in love with sheridans when i took my vacation to mexico ever since i have been trying to find it in the US but it is not easily found so for those who want to order it i have found a website you can order a bottle at a time www.dutyfreedepot.com just make a free profile and you can have sheridans deliverd to you house ……. ps there about 25.00 a bottle and i would recomend the 2.00 insurance….thanks all

----- Don Bauer 04.04.11 11:31

I need help! My vanilla liqueur part is not flowing at all! I purchased the bottle 5 years ago, but never opened it. stored in somewhere about 23 degrees. the chocolate coffee portion flows as usual. just that the white portion is not flowing. tried to poke the opening, but can’t seem to get it out. if I invert the bottle too long to wait for the whites to come, i’d have finished the black part. the white part comes out in small drops 10 seconds apart. :(

anyone can tell me what’s the probelm? Is it possible that the vanilla portion got expired or anything?

----- Medie 29.01.11 06:24

To the guy on Vancouver Isl. in Canada; Just take a ferry ride between the U.S. and Canada & buy a bottle in the duty free shop! No shipping! That’s how we got our last bottle. We ration our Sheridan, special friends only.

----- Sue 18.12.10 15:22

Where can I get sheridan’ s and or can I have it shipped

----- Ray 11.12.10 21:35

i am from Moldova that is in eastern europe. we have it available in almost any stores and bars. haven’t tried it yet but reading the comments i will definitely buy a bottle :)

----- polo 05.12.10 09:56

I purchased two bottles n a cruise and enjoyed it t the last drop. I’m on a mission to purchase a case! Smooth and delicious!The tastes lingers long after it’s gone. I just hope it lingers til I find a way to purchase it again….okay!

----- Rosemarie 29.11.10 17:54

I was given a Sheridan’s COFFEE LAYERED LIQUEUR as a gift a few months ago but the white liquid will not pour out. What is the solution to this problem? Tq.

----- stanton 25.08.10 07:22

hello, my name is les,ilive in canada on the west coatesed of vancover iland. i am looking for a empty bottle!!!!!!i will pay a fee &mailing orshipping hope to hear from somebody !!!! les c/o kitkatz45@hotmail.com

----- les kitchen 05.08.10 15:27

This is my favorite drink ever. Bought a bottle on a cruise 5 yrs ago. Took another cruise last month & bought 2. I know it’s not available in the States but does anyone know of a possible mail order?
Thanks :)

----- 1buckeye 02.07.10 23:25

I absolutely love Sheridan - only thing is that if you dont pour properly the cream runs out before the coffee liqueur - it is pure heaven in a glass - a mix between bailey’s and tia maria - two very memorable liqueurs which trigger feelgood memories of friends, love and happy times which could still be resurrected very easily = thank god for friends and lovers!.

----- Lush from the past 11.06.10 01:05

Im addicted to this, i once had it in Iran and now that im back in India, cant seem to find it… temme where do i get it in Bombay?

----- Shreyas 21.04.10 00:03

I just bought a bottle at d Penang Intl Airport duty free shop when I travelled back fr Macau.I was introduced to this drink by my daughter last yr and I fell in love with it.I like the taste of coffee.

----- Dianatan 09.03.10 17:01

Bought a bottle of Sheridan’s liquer and it is sour which we bought on a cruise ship. I would like to return it but need to know who carries it. I am located in Boynton Beach, florida.

Thank you for your help.

----- Marlene Weisman 12.01.10 12:59

Where can I buy Sheridan’s coffee Layered Liqueur in Connecticut? I have looked in so many package stores to no avail. Please help me find it.

----- June 21.12.09 12:54

How can I order this and have it shipped to my home address? We got introduced to this magnificent liqueur on a Carnival Cruise and have been buying it everytime we cruise which is at least once a year. We are out of it now and won’t be cruising for another 8 months and cannot go that long without this wonderful toasting drink. Thankyou

----- June Russell 21.12.09 12:29

Ive always been a fan of the drink and ive recently just got a bottle and its very nice, the bottle design is a very unique design and the drink is pretty good as well, if you like baileys or any cream liquer then you would like sheridans

----- chris 12.12.09 15:07

Bought two bottles on my cruise and both were defective, only the brown liquid runs out, the white remains in the bottle.

----- Luis Domenech 08.11.09 07:44

I bought a bottle in Langkawi, Malaysia many many years ago and I just left it on the shelf with the rest of my whisky and other drinks. Do you think it is still good for drinking?

----- Wendy 31.08.09 07:10

where can i purchase a bottle or two as i live in san diego

----- tommy busalacchi 27.08.09 12:33

I saw some at a Duty Free liquor at Atlanta Airport on my way to Germany. I bought 2 to add to my existing 3 bottles in Germany. I love them.

----- Judy Tran 13.08.09 18:59

hi, i would like to know that where can u buy this drink im very interested in this product. this drink is very excellent.

----- ginger adamson 13.08.09 12:55

I bought a bottle of Sheridan”s coffee layered ligueur Original (Product of Ireand) and very disappointed that I can not buy it in the United States. Why??

----- Donna Zawatcki 01.08.09 18:31

Where can I buy Sheridan’s liq. is there a Distributor in Minnesota?

----- KEVIN 29.07.09 07:59

Do you know who manufactures the Sheridan bottle? Thanks!

----- DU 20.07.09 12:33

I absolutely love this drink as well. I discovered it on a cruise to the Bahamas and brought three bottle back home to the states being that it’s not sold here. Well scratch that it is sold in the states, but only the airports. I have one bottle left and I’m saving and hiding (from everyone) it so I can enjoy it after I deliver my baby. Enjoy!!!

----- Karelli 17.07.09 07:12

I love this mellow, relaxing drink. I have so much fun when I indulge! For some reason now I can’t find it in the stores. HELP!!!

----- sharon brockington 10.05.09 21:02

I also tried this recently on a cruise and loved it. I heard onboard that it wasn’t sold in the U.S., but just saw it at a liquor store in Washington, D.C. There’s another post here from last year where somewhere said they saw it sold in Detroit. The bottle is definitely sold in the U.S., you just have to find it. Unless of course retailers have it shipped from a third party.

----- Pierre 20.04.09 16:29

This is really a fantastic drink its taste cannot be described in words one need to taste it. There is no expiry date on the bottle it only says you have to cosume within 6 months upon opening the bottle. Is there a expiry date for this product?

----- sellaiah s pillay 17.04.09 19:52

Does anyone know what the life span is?

----- Marilynn 11.04.09 14:50

----- Igor 26.03.09 10:57

I was recently on a cruise the week of March 20th and Sheridan’s was available!! It is not discontinued. But not avail in US.

----- Brandi 26.03.09 06:57

I live in Geuda Springs, Kansas and I am not a drinker, but I had the opportunity to taste this FABULOUS Sheriadan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur on my very first cruise aboard the Carvial Ecstasy cruise ship to Cozmel Mexico.
It was so DELICIOUS. yummmmmmmyyy!!! I just think the design and favors are great. I bought two bottles to take home, and I have a few shots after dinner and it great.

----- Sharon Reed 21.03.09 07:26

Does anyone know the carb count on sheridan’s coffee liqueur?

----- maribel 14.03.09 17:59

I did get my last bottle at either Gatwick of Heathrow (cant remember which)several years ago. Previously it was available in the states, but I was told there was no interest by the distributor in importing it anymore.
Its a good after dinner drink I’ve enjoyed for many years, through many versions of their bottle design. So far I think the current one is the best design.
TipsyGifts.com has it by the case for delivery to the states.

----- Tim Farrell 16.02.09 21:29

Does anyone know if Sheridans is sold at duty free shops at Heathrow terminal 5 or Gatwick south terminal or Dublin airport?

----- Mike Ryan 14.02.09 21:57

A friend told me about this drink in an e-mail. Begged me to get a bottle for her and her husband.I will not be purchasing any other things so perhaps I will. I owe them plenty.

----- Ed Saul 23.01.09 21:19

I would like to buy a bottle of this Sheridan’s how would i get one..

----- barry 03.01.09 06:38

I live on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and I was out Christmas shopping the other day in one of the perfume/jewelry/liquor stores and I saw this drink! It was pretty crazy to me to see it because my last name is Sheridan and I’ve never even heard of this drink. I haven’t tried it yet but definitely intend to real soon. I’ll be back to talk about it when I do taste it.

----- Shalia Sheridan 23.12.08 18:18

I live in Vermont and found that you can get it at most liquor stores around the holiday seasons…but if you order them threw the liquor store…you can get as many as you want…providing that the store can order them

----- Bill 22.12.08 18:07

California Folks—-you can buy this in Mexico or at any of the duty free stores on the way into Mexico..you can get it for about $20..I’ve also seen it at duty free stores in Canada and other parts of the world. But, I too, was introduced to this amazing drink on a cruise ship..and have been drinking it ever since..great over ice cream!

----- Sabrina 22.12.08 15:31

What vendor if possible can I order this from??

----- Mallory Detherage 22.12.08 15:00

I first had this one a cruise ship. I can not find it locally. Do you know where I could locate this drink?

----- Jill 17.12.08 18:51

could you tell me what store sells Sheridan’s coffee layered liqueur in my area. Valencia Ca. 91390

----- Patti 07.12.08 22:18

Please let me know were the product is sold in Argentina.
Thank you very much

----- Abe 21.10.08 17:55


I personally get six bottles at a time from a cute little site called www.tipsygifts.com.

They are fast, reliable and really cool!

Used them four times now, they’re good!

Hope I have helped!


----- Fabio 16.10.08 12:47

i had the opportunity to taste this FABULOUS liqueur.
it was so DELICIOUS.
It was really cheap on my cruise to CABO.
Does anyone know where i can get SHERIDANS in the U.S.
I am located in SAN DIEGO.

----- haydee perez 29.09.08 19:33

I first tasted it in the Seychelles when my niece arrived back from a trip to MAURITIUS, having bought a bottle of Sheridans in the Airport Duty Free there. I live in South Africa and haven’t been able to find it here so bought myself a bottle when I went to Mauritius in August. SO YUMMY!!! We have a Shooter in SA called a BJ (think sexual)(I think it’s called a B52 in England) which is just as good and you make yourself: A third Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, a third Irish Cream, a third Fresh Cream (not whipped) - pour each in separately and slowly to get the layered effect. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

----- Colleen Etheve 28.09.08 21:44

I bought a bottle at the Duty Free section in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

----- Kin 28.08.08 01:23

where can I buy this product in the usa?

----- jan marsh 25.08.08 13:47

I live in georgia and need to know where I can buy this product . Was on a cruise and had some there and really liked it . I’ve tried a few places and am told that it has been discontinued. Help.

----- JAN MARSH 25.08.08 10:25

I have seen the Sheridan’s in the Tampa airport, but I get mine shipped to me by family members that live in Puerto Rico. It is a little pricey to ship, but I buy 6 at a time and it makes it a little more worth while.

----- Grease 19.08.08 05:36

This is some good stuff. And the only time I can get it, is when someone I know takes a cruise. Where can I buy Sheridan’s? Anyone knows?

----- yolanda santee 13.08.08 19:55

Ok here it is for all you people who wants to purchase this item.
Yes it is not yet in the USA but here is the web site that you can purchase, the only problem is you have to buy a case total 6 bottles in case.


----- Sergio 09.08.08 20:15

Hey……….. I stay in Malaysia and they sell it in all Langkawi’s DUTY FREE shops! It just costs RM60++ , worth buying! So the next trip to Langkawi, shop at duty free shops for your favorite coffee wine!

----- Tilon 02.08.08 01:10

Looking for a retail store that handles this product.

----- Clint Coffman 28.07.08 04:54

How can I order Sheridan on the internet. Please let me know. Thank YOU!

----- Sanford Moss 17.07.08 19:55


----- Vinny 17.07.08 06:32

where can i buy this product?

----- Jennifer 12.07.08 10:41

In the Netherlands you can buy it in every liquorstore. It’s indeed delicious….that”s why in the Netherlands ther is a Hyvessite ….. people who like the drink can become meber of this hyvessite http://lekkersheridans.hyves.nl/

----- Hera 30.06.08 07:33

i discovered this stuff a few years back i am forced to take trips or beg friends to get the stuff or me on thier trips. is there anyway i can get this in the states. it is the perfect drink.

----- sot janes 24.06.08 18:57

I just bought a bottle from a corner liquor store. I thought you couldn’t get it in the US either. I first tasted it a liquor tasting party on a cruise ship and bought a bottle. Now that I know they have it down the street I will buy it more often.

----- Will-Lynn 13.06.08 16:49

By any chance does anyone know where I can get this? I’m plainly addicted…

----- Stacy 11.06.08 18:43

I have found a location to order the Sheridan’s online from, with shipping to the United States. Though you have to order a full case at once. I remember the Sheridan’s from my much younger days and trying it as a kid at Christmas Parties with the family. My dad gave me a bottle last summer, though low and behold it was so old that the cream had actually hardened into a solid…. The address to purchase from for shipping to the US is www.tipsygifts.com

----- Steven 09.06.08 08:13

Best drink ever!! For me, it is better than having sex :)

----- Justice 06.06.08 14:38

is there any place in san diego that sells sheridan’s coffee layered liqeur

----- ken loeffler 01.06.08 17:26

My husband and I went on a cruise on may 16th and they were giving samples on the ship. I absolutly fell in love with this dring and I cant stand coffee. Unfortunatly we only bought one bottle and did not realize they do not sell this in the US. Please tell me where I can get this in the US or how can I have this shipped to me where it does not cost a fortune.

----- Dorothy Akins 24.05.08 12:19

I had the opportunity to try and buy Sheridans on my cruise…..UNFORTUNATELY newark airport doesn’t understand the word, FRAGILE!!!!! and it was apparently dropped. My coffee liquer is currently worn by 150 other passengers’ luggage. BUMMER!!!

----- johnna 19.05.08 17:35

I fell in love with this stuff just last weekend on a cruise to the Bahamas I am now searching where to find it to buy. I can’t wait to have the stuff again it is awesome!! If you know where to get it in Florida please let me know. Thanks

----- Amanda 13.05.08 15:21

We tried this on our cruise last week, and brought a bottle home, we are almost out- this stuff is great!!!!!

----- Brandi 08.05.08 14:03

dis is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

----- beatriz rodriguez 12.04.08 21:21

My cousins and I were introduced to Sheridans on a cruise ship too; and we love it, love it, love it! Anytime we hear of someone traveling to Puerto Rico, we put in our requests!

----- camille 02.04.08 17:21

We are trusted specialists in the export of Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liqueur to the United States. Fully insured, securely packaged, guaranteed delivery in four working days to any address in the US. Hope it helps!

----- Tipsy Gifts 25.03.08 06:25


----- D.J 11.03.08 05:19

I had this awesome drink on board my cruise this weekend. I wanted to buy a bottle but never got around to it. Now…I’m beating myself up over it. I can’t stop thinking about Sheridan’s! My parents are going on a cruise with a different cruise line next year….I hope they have this on board…because they are buying me lots of bottles!!

----- Cindy 10.03.08 20:15

how can i buy this in the us,thanks jessie moseley

----- jessie moseley 06.03.08 20:13

I’ve tried Sheridan’s a few years ago in my sister’s house in Brazil and never seen again. 5 stars to this drink, it is DELICIOUS.

----- Samara 02.03.08 20:39

It has returned to the US. It is currently stocked at the market near my house in suburban Detroit.

----- DC 27.02.08 13:18

On a recent cruise vacation I was introduced to Sheridans Coffee Layered Liqueur. I enjoyed the drink very much but was disappointed to find that I cannot buy or have it shipped to me in the USA. Will the restriction ever be lifted so that I might again enjoy this wonderful drink?

----- Whitney Woods Jr. 27.02.08 02:31

I got this in a duty free shop a few years ago on a cruise ship. I like the function of the packaging, but I hate the taste of the milky part. It is nowhere near as good as a white Russian. I ended up plugging up the cream side so I could use the coffee liqueur in other drinks.

----- Jen Montgomery 26.02.08 20:50

I fell in love with Sheridan’s a few summers back while in Canada. I force my family to bring me a bottle when they come to visit since it’s not sold in the US. I bought a bottle from Duty Free on my cruise in January and was heartbroken to find a broken bottle (the cream side) and a suitcase full of liqueur when I returned home! The lovely TSA had inspected my bag and didn’t pack the bottle back in my bag securely. Makes me want to take a train next time….

----- Adrianna 26.02.08 14:04

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