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Mobius Climber- 02.29.08

mobiusclimb1.jpgMobius Climbers from Landscape Structures! Is there simpler more intriguing surface? My future backyard will definitely need one of these… essentially it is a giant sheet of annodized aluminum with rock climbing styled hand holds so kids (or you) can climb up, down, and all around any side (well, i guess its only really ONE side) of it… It is available in 4 configurations to accommodate various budgets ~ 3, 6, 7, and 12 panel options. My only disappointment with this is that you can’t climb a full loop and go around and around since the two ends go into the ground (so really this isn’t a mobius strip so much as a crazily bent sheet), but with a little imagination i supposed you can assume that where these go into the ground they pop out into another yard and continue the loop. Also cool could have been if it was in a loop AND you could unzip it down the middle for an even larger mobius strip! More images after the jump!

(don’t forget to check out the videos at their site!)

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Dangerous, huh? A playground piece surrounded by finely chopped rubber and at its highest point is 6 feet off the ground. How can parents even fathom letting children climb trees let alone climbing on equipment such as this… Please. It’s great to see this playground and I have even seen this at Fort Bliss, TX and the kids love it! I can’t wait to see the old tetrahedrons make a comeback as well. Like thunderdome for kids!

----- Scott 08.05.08 10:37

Holy crap, I’m 21 years old and I want one of those! That looks awesome!

----- fetchboy 23.03.08 22:43

Wow - my boys would go crazy over that piece of equipment!

----- SeaBird 01.03.08 14:12

It’s sort of “mobi-esque” but gravitational constraints and the ground mean that there really is only one side, albeit currrvy.

----- Joel 29.02.08 23:43

I totally agree, I saw that and thought “unsafe”, but with the amount of cushion under outdoor toys, I think they may be Ok. :)

----- Kristin 29.02.08 18:11

Finally we see the return of unsafe playground equipment. The late 90’s showed us the end of days for pre-adolescent playtime scrapes, bumps, bruises and concussions. I’m glad to see that someone is putting danger back into childhood!


----- Alexander Bloom 29.02.08 11:33

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