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Nendo- 02.29.08

0227nendo1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

nendo is a Japanese design firm run by Oki Sato. I’m loving his work, especially the products in his 1% project (only 100 pieces of each product were made - “to give owners the chance to experience the joy of owning 1%” - nice!).

The Fruit-Template (from the 1% project) puts the fruit on display, and moves away from the idea of a bowl by having the fruit plug into its similar shape. Tile Plants is an attempt to move us away from the negative association of grout lines (dirt/mold) and to make associations with growth and plant life.


The String-Candle traces out the form of the classic candelabra with a piece of string cast in a translucent material. The Silhouette-Chandelier takes six semi-translucent pieces of black fabric and pairs them with the 2-D outline of a chandelier drawn in rhinestones, in order to create a 3-D chandelier.


Yori is a bench that is slopes very slightly to bring those that sit on it just a little closer together.


The Polar side tables come in a set of three. When stacked on top of one another a pattern of flowers emerges.


The Hanabi light is a dynamic light fixture whose lamp shade “blooms” when the light is turned on - the heat causes the shade to pull away from the bulb, enlarging the fixture. When the light is off, the shade cools down and closes in on the bulb.

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