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If Saul Bass did Star Wars?- 03.04.08

saulbassstar.jpg36 year old bhilmers of youtube has created a star wars movie intro channeling his inner Saul Bass, using “Machine” by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967)… and it’s pretty sweet for any Saul Bass lovers out there (who’s not?). Embedded after the jump!

Also apologies for the quietness yesterday ~ my macbook pro is seriously freaking out (perhaps since its nearing its 1 year bday?) and also lost one of its feet ~ and firefox has been a ram suck… so trying out Firefox 3 beta 3 now… *fingers crossed*… and then tried Arctic Root pills yesterday which also totally threw my whole day off in a not at all good way. So basically, its been a very odd beginning of the week… watch the video below!

oh, and i first found this through Neatorama yesterday ~ and then today its also showing up all over the web!

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3 Notes

WOW!! I just love the simplicity and the ingenuity. Please do more.

----- MATTY 09.10.10 22:01

that was spectacular. i want to see the whole movie done like this.

----- thesis 08.03.08 19:46

Wow, this is great stuff. I love the last part.

----- rad-k 06.03.08 04:08

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