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Incase MacBook Pro Hardshell- 03.04.08

hardshell.jpgIncase sent over a MacBook Pro Hardshell case in Plum a few weeks ago (i spaced, and the pics of this review got momentarily lost in the pending MT posts, apologies!) ~ if you recall, it was in that gorgeous press kit! So below you can check out pics of it in person (and how nicely my NOTCOT sticker subtly shows through!) as well as images and info from the catalog of this *coming soon* case. Currently only the Incase Hardshell cases for Macbooks are available on their site. Additionally there is a video walkthrough from Incase on how to properly put one on! See all the details below.










On random notes that i’m not sure about yet… since the time i received and put on the Incase Hardshell, my macbook pro has been getting more spaztic and i’m not sure if it is at all related… but it was having more frequent over heating issues, as well as all the other random things that have been starting to happen (from the ram sucking, massive fan sounds, random freezing/crashing)… so i have taken it off for the last week and things have been better, although new problems keep popping up. Perhaps its time to wipe everything clean and start over, or go harass the “apple geniuses”, or buy a new toy?

Bottom line i LOVE the way the case feels on the laptop ~ that soft touch coating is quite awesome… although it wasn’t clear to me whether you are supposed to also use a protective sleeve when throwing it into a bag? I think my keys could certainly do quite a number on that sleek finish. And the other thing that drove me nuts, macbook pros already limit how far you can tilt the screen back… this takes away a bit more on the angle you get, which was quite annoying in bed/on the couch… and i might need to splurge on a black one… i’m not sure purple/plum are quite my color.

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Just in case you didn’t know… your website looks very strange in Firefox on a Mac

----- Phyliss Gladue 28.11.10 05:05

I bought the purple incase shell for my macbook and let me warn everyone, do not leave this on your laptop for long periods of time, In fact don’t use it at all, this p.o.s pulled my macbook apart, my display housing is cracked on the side and the bottom case, where the button to open it, its pulling away from the top bottom case.

The website says that it is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of the product. Its better to buy a soft case for your investment and be very careful with it.

I find it ironic that I bought a shell case with the intention of protecting the 600 dollar repairs for cosmetic damage only for it to happen again and worse.

----- Sarah 20.01.09 19:36

just got the case for the 15” MBP. case restricts the screen opening past 90 degrees.

----- Tony 14.01.09 15:40

HI,I have a 13 inch white mac & i saw a plum incase in the apple store & it was a really dark purple. I’ve seen pictures online with a lighter plum color case like the one you have. =] i was wondering if the case you bought from incase is plum/black? If it is plum, is that color only for mbp? or do we have to purchase that plum from incase.com?

----- kaori 04.11.08 13:19





----- Caroline 23.08.08 19:57

I live in UK and would like to buy Incase hardshell for my macbook 13” but not available in apple store except clear, pink and red color… Anyone can help where i can get black or white color pls?

I emailed Incase 3 times, but they costumer services look like very bad as they NOT EVEN BOTHER TO REPLY…
Its makes me wondering , do i really want this product???

Anyone have an alternative idea? any help will be appreciate… Thank you

----- Anton Sitepu 24.06.08 06:25

Just bought my MacBook Pro Hardshell case at the Apple Store! Go get one!

----- Rae 10.06.08 22:29

Just called…17” MacBookPro case due out 2nd week of June
Can’t wait!

----- Sherry 28.05.08 13:39

I live in UK… where i can buy this product for my macbook 13” pls? apple uk website dont have any colour except white…. Can anyone help?

----- Anton Sitepu 28.05.08 09:03

Any clues on the mbp version?


----- xtc 07.05.08 22:51

I just got off the phone with InCase and they advise that the MacBook Pro for the 15 in will be avail in 4-6 weeks.

----- Nate 16.04.08 13:06


Where I can buy the case for 15.4 MacBokk Pro???


----- Sylvain Joyal 16.04.08 06:26

Looks good, I’m thinking of getting one, but do those sketchy overheating/fan/freezing issues return when you put the case back on? I’m reluctant to buy one if yours conclusively makes things too hot. or was it some other reason?

----- French 10.04.08 16:38

Oooh I like the color of yours….Is yours the black… I think if you put a white mac book in the black then you get the dark plum like color that yours has. Cool…. also the notcot sticker is dope…it kinda looks like it was screenprinted on the case? Is it actually a sticker?

----- enrika 10.04.08 12:37

Hi.. I was just wondering.. Is this plum color for the MacBook Pro also the same as the purple one for the MacBook?

----- pat 08.04.08 16:23


Looks promising but I too am concerned about alignment issues - Incase are freaking useless at customer service - I emailed twice regarding this product over a space of a few months and did not ever receive the courtesy of a reply - This makes me question whether I really want their products. It does look promising but there is an obvious and major fault with the design already - there is no way to access or swap the battery once the bottom of the case in in place - one would have to remove the entire bottom section and then re-attach it. How coudl they make such a monumental error?


----- Baz 04.04.08 05:23

Ok, call me naive, but what exactly does this do? To me it kind of seems like holding a shield while someone drops a truck on your head. Sure you have a strong shield, but you are still dead.

----- chip 12.03.08 18:36

Just what I have been looking for. The plum rocks.

----- Lance Armstrong 08.03.08 15:08

joann. i ran into the same problem but it was easily solved. you have to make sure you follow the directions very carefully. make sure that the plastic groove near the vents is inserted properly into the base of the macbook. there groove is a little niche that hugs the bottom of the macbook. once i did that all the ports on the side got aligned. my only complaint is that the vents in the back of the incase did not perfectly match up vertically.

----- damien 05.03.08 16:35

had to return two hardshells (one black one white) for the macbook 13” as the cut-outs were NOT precise for the magnetic power cable. connector sits partly on the case and not down into the connection. looked like might be the same for USB ports too since the cut-outs there were also not even spaced all the way around (but didn’t try the USB) really disappointing for such a pricey thing.

----- joAnn 05.03.08 15:13

Finally, I can get the power of a Pro and have it still look like my lil black macbook! Genius!

----- Mitzi 05.03.08 14:30

That’s disappointing that the colour of your’s may not be available: I LOVE that murky plum!

Also, how does one get a NOTCOT sticker? Me too, me too!!!

----- Mina 04.03.08 19:00

Word from Incase is to expect the Mac Book Pro hardshells around the end of March 08! (so, soon!)

And it seems that the color i got may be a factory defect! A strange mix between the actualy purply plum color and the black?!?!?!

----- jean/NOTCOT 04.03.08 16:58

I would never ever put a ugly condom like this over my lovely macbook pro.

----- Björn 04.03.08 15:02

I can’t seem to find the Macbook Pro Hardshell case for sale on the incase site, only ones for just Macbooks. Any idea on when the macbook pro 15” ones will be available?

----- Ryan 04.03.08 13:58

im actually really feeling the purple. i bought the speck hardshell case for my macbookpro, i think i would like that rubberized feel to the normal plastic feel of the speck case. however if incase did infact use a rubber in the manufacturing process i wonder if it acts as an insulator contributing to the heat factor on an MBP. how can i get a notcot sticker? i’d love to represent notcot on my laptop: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/selectah/IMG_0600.jpg
when im djing or just out and about.

… i love the fact that i can get loose on the stickers, and pull off the covers if i need my laptop to look professional.

----- djbrigidope 04.03.08 13:32

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