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Jellies and Other Inspiration- 03.28.08

jellfishart.jpgAs i’m sure you know by now, yesterday i disappeared to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on my spontaneous roadtrip up california. Normally i’d think on a weds/thurs this should be a breeze, avoiding the crowds, etc… but no. I seem to have overlooked that it is spring break week for most kids, and it was INSANE! None the less, we had a good time oooooohing and aaaaaaahing and remembering why i really need to take more random excursions and maybe get to some scuba diving all over the world again… (hey, i’m sure i can find inspiring things to post down there too!). Additionally Dan took over my Canon 40d and showed me how its really done (as you may have noticed, i’m more a shoot fast, photoshop later kind of girl, whereas he’s more of a technical, play with settings, take your time kind of guy…) - so here’s a post *mostly* of his incredible pics of the inspiring jellies (and some fish, and some crazy splashing, and a bit more).

But before we jump into the pics ~ anyone in the bay area (or california and neighboring states that can just pop over here) ~ you creatives HAVE to come check out the Jellies: Living Art exhibit… they put the jellyfish tanks in these overly ornate frames, and have them in the context of the works of calder, pollock, chihuly, and more. Its really fascinating - not to mention absolutely mesmerizing - i shot some video i’ll add on when i have time… but for now… To the pics below!

These were ridiculously tiny… amazing that pics came out at all… (this is four put together)







I couldn’t help it, i needed to see what these guys looked like inverted…

Oops… here is a weird accident - but now you know what it looks like if you flash a school of fish. Don’t they look like crazy led xmas lights?

He had quite a bit of fun experimenting with the splash zone…



Here’s the view when i woke up…

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2 Notes

Thanks for posting these pictures. I used to live in Monterrey, and when I visited the aquarium the jellies were one of my favorites. Great pictures!

----- sgazzetti 31.03.08 00:52

The jellies are amazing. Do you think we could see them in full res, as well as the school of crazy Christmas lights?

----- Sophie 29.03.08 20:12

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