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Blackberry 9000… PSP+iPhone?- 03.28.08

blackberry9000.jpgOver at Engadget Mobile, they’ve gotten their hands on one of the future Blackberries… the elusive 9000! Which looks like a blackberry that got with an iphone and a PSP… this chimera has the body of the iPhone, the glossy ui of the PSP, and the brain of a Blackberry… with a very impressive result that makes me slightly sad when i look at my new curve now.

Basically the exterior design seems very iphone like with its sleek black face and chromed out edge… and the simple white on black icons (down to the style) and the way they glow is much like those sexy infographics seen on the PSP and PS3… does that wavy wallpaper seem very sony/apple as well? See some of the images of the slick UI after the jump, as well as a video… i can’t wait. i’m drooling already.





BlackBerry 9000 UI from Engadget on Vimeo.

i wish the engadget spies would take a page from the paparazzi and car photographers and beef up some of their photography skills!

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Awesome Many thanks for blog post beautifully done! The moment everyday life gives you one hundred good reasons to be sad, reveal to life that you have the perfect 1000 reasons to be happy.

----- wepad 10.12.10 09:04

Damn, that 9000 I gotta have it. My and boys have been talking about it for weeks now. When the heck is that baby coming out?

----- Steve 24.04.08 20:23

I think they should do away with the call, menu, and scroll buttons and just make it touch screen with the BB keyboard at the bottom. That would basically make it a better iphone…

----- Jessica 01.04.08 11:10

I have a terrible case of yuppie lust right now.

----- Mitzi 28.03.08 16:57

I’ve been holding out on grabbing an iPhone, waiting for something with better coverage and more options on the carrier side of things… this looks sexy as hell. Can’t wait to try it out!

----- Daniel Holter 28.03.08 13:40

The cool thing about this is that if RIM does what they usually do, this UI will be available on older devices too!

----- Donovan 28.03.08 12:19

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