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LOVA at REVOLVE Clothing pop-up store- 03.15.08


Last Wednesday night we checked out the new men’s clothing line LOVA (pronounced like Lo-vah, not Luvah) at REVOLVE Clothing’s pop-up store on Melrose in LA which is open March 13-16 and will re-open in August(?) for real as their flagship store.

I feel like there’s sort of an empty spot in the fashion landscape for guys who want to dress well but still want to look young and not like their dads. I’m excited by the continuing menswear trend that seems to be tackling this problem by creating a look that’s modern but timeless at the same time. LOVA is the latest contender in this trend and was definitely impressed by the quality of their stuff. Giuseppe Valentini, co-founder and designer of the line, says “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and I couldn’t agree more, so it’s no wonder that I love their look because it’s the simplicity that gives it that timeless quality.

More pics after the jump!

I can’t help but compare them to another menswear brand I love, Band of Outsiders, but I sort of see LOVA as Band of Outsider’s little bro because LOVA makes some casualwear as well like t-shirts and jeans. You could mix some of the dressier stuff with more casual stuff and still look more put-together than the average guy.


I’m a sucker for little details that are hidden most of the time.. this says “siamo fatti per intenderci, siamo fatti per l’amore” which google translates to “We were made to understand, we were made for love”




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Love your clothing…especially the latest model….
the latest face of Lova…Peter Ursich..he is my son..wish I could have
gone last night….He brought his gf…
Where can I find this line..and his photos?

Thank you,
Jill Ursich

----- Jill Ursich 09.10.09 12:56

It is an original score by our friend, Becky.

----- nik 20.03.08 15:53

Very nice first collection.
Somebody know what’s the soundtrack?

----- Boulevard des Italiens 16.03.08 09:22

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