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San Zhi- 03.15.08

0315sanzhi1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across a flickr set today with some amazing pictures of an abandoned housing complex called San Zhi outside of Taipei, Taiwan. A google search didn’t bring up much information, but from what I can gather, it was apparently built in the early 1980s as a series of vacation homes marketed towards affluent Taipei residents seeking to get out of the city.

The speculation about why the site was abandoned varies, with the most interesting being that a series of fatal accidents occurred during construction, causing locals to believe the site was haunted, and therefore instigating the developer’s decision to stop construction (and also putting a stop to any future redevelopment). A more mundane reason listed for the abandonment was the developer running out of money, but I’ll go with the first reason, thank you!

Architecturally speaking the houses are super cool, being very futuristic for the 80’s (even by today’s standards) with the cantilevered, modular pods houses (think Archigram). Check out more amazing photos from two flickr sets after the jump!





Photos above by Yusheng. Photos below by Cypherone.




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actually, what happened was that a bunch of people died during the production and for a while, people stopped building. When the idea of finishing was revisited, nobody really wanted to because of the time money and previous deaths. Some believe the place to be haunted

----- ms review 25.11.09 15:38

Stumbled on this whilst looking for pictures of park benches. Can’t help wondering if they would have been more beautiful finished and inhabited or as they are. That’s just a reflection on my love of dereliction I guess. So strange to see something so radical as derelict rather that the Victorian terraces I have been working around of late.

----- Beth Barlow 07.07.09 01:01

That is amazing, sad that it is abandon, and lucky that someone documented it.

----- EK4zone 25.05.09 17:40

Looks cool. I guess it would look quite scary even if it wasn’t abandoned… Something’s weird about it…

----- the saw is the law 25.04.09 07:06

they’re gone!!! the taiwanese put them down. cypherone just uploaded some pix: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cypherone/3365539000/

i have also been there, has been a beautiful place: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dinglukai/2385909546/

----- dinglukai 20.03.09 09:40

Im doing a research paper on these. If you look at an aerial view, it looks like little colorful flowers. Its said to be pretty haunted.

----- Chey 18.11.08 12:44

Please need to know if there are plans for this building in particular. I am studying interior desing and make the final draft of these buildings. Thank you very much at all.

----- Patricia 19.09.08 09:20

This would be a sick location for a photo shoot

----- Claire 13.07.08 05:46

The design is incredible and even more so if it was built in the 1980s and I’m hearing the design plan may have even began in the 1950s, which i dont really believe… however that sounds amazing. So very cool and thankyou for posting.

----- mithila 22.04.08 00:33

It’s amazing, first of all, that it’s abandonded. Secondly, that no one has remodelled the property and marketed it. And thirdly, that design is incredible.

----- Stuart and Sally 09.04.08 13:14

I am Taiwanese too, and live in Taipei 30 years. I don’t know any ghost-story about it.
I found it information on some Taiwan web-site, and they said the plan start in 1950.
There are two on this kind of community in north coast of Taiwan, one is near a Green Bay hotel, and this kind of FRP house is on sale in the area. And of course, all of these houses are abandoned for years, all buyers have to pay a extra fee to repair the house.
Here is a link from Taiwan, you can gain some more information in here.
For reference~

----- pita 24.03.08 02:09

Hi, I am come from Taipei,
and I saw u post this photo that i had ever went there to take photos before.
Its a ruins of hotel.
why become to ruins that all because there are many ghost stories there.
cause it died many Spanish people (around 20,000 people) in that place.
and bury there.
When that hotel gonna bulid to dig them out.
After that, some people lived in that hotel all got scary to ghost.
more and more less people want to live there.

----- Jung Shan 18.03.08 22:07

Don’t meen to sound rude.. but this hasn’t been around the internet for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever..

----- John 18.03.08 10:57

Um, just fyi, I think http://badcontrol.com/?p=84 has stolen your article. They don’t even have a jump, and they used your entire text.

Good luck.

----- Kim D 18.03.08 03:54

found this link…a website hosted a contest to see who could use photoshop the best with these buildings…the skillz aren’t anything crazy, but found it amusing to see what people came up with


and thanks for having such interesting posts…i haven’t wasted so much time at work in a long time:)

----- Scott Ortner 17.03.08 14:45

I want to take JG Ballard there for a romantic holiday. Wonderful photos.

----- Mark in Vancouver 16.03.08 15:22

This is really beautiful, someone should refurbish them. I guess that’s probably not entirely likely because of their location, but I would live there.

Alternatively: This would be a really cool setting for a video game. Especially a mutiplayer level on a first person shooter game (halo, anyone?)

----- Rachel 16.03.08 15:07

I’m sure I remember posting a link to this, but I can’t see my old posts! Perhaps I’m wrong. Definitely worthy of a “featured” though, remarkable architecture.

----- Alan Eagle 16.03.08 09:43

Interesting how NOTCOT says it was built in 1980s, the guy on flickr says 1970s and on google the first blog that comes up gives 1960s.

----- Johanna 16.03.08 09:01

looks like a film set

----- danny 16.03.08 08:46

No, the reason stop construction is lack of money. In the beginning, no one say the site was haunted. There were lots of dopers stay there so the local government drive all people out of there. so~~some people say the site was haunted.

----- Sam 16.03.08 07:56

Wow, those are just too cool.

I recall reading about other ghost towns like these on the web. Some place in Italy that was completely abandoned for example. For some reason places like these are both creepy and awesome at the same time :)

I’d love to go picture hunting for more stuff like this.

----- Cailin Coilleach 16.03.08 05:13

That is amazing, sad that it is abandon, and lucky that someone documented it. Thank you to yusheng and cypherone for photographing, and thank you for sharing.

I’m going to share this around now myself.


----- Chris Grayson - GigantiCo 16.03.08 03:53

i love you

----- tom 16.03.08 02:52

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