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Nate Wragg- 03.09.08

wragg1.jpgMy random visual addiction for the weekend has been Nate Wragg’s illustrations ~ particularly his angry human hating Yetis. His illustration style is absolutely mesmerizing, and i can’t seem to stop staring at them! It should come as no surprise to you that he’s a Pixar guy ~ and worked on Ratatouille. Also awesome is this “USE TECHNOLOGY TO COLLECT THE WOMEN!” piece (close up and sketches after the jump of course), which is for his next installment of the “Ancient Book” series, which will be focusing on the themes of Sex and Science. See more close ups after the jump…







Take a look at his blog for more inspiration!


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Muy buenos los trabajos de este artista, que recojo para mi blog.

Saludos ;)

----- Gollus 10.03.08 10:11

love the microcosm world he creates. love the creepy crawly things. hmmm, actually kind of reminds me of this pop artist camille rose garcia.

----- missbruno.com 09.03.08 17:57

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