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NOTCOT Thank You Art?- 03.10.08

pinillusmain.jpgWell, this is certainly unprecedented. I have received some very cool rather meta snail mail… from Germany! I chat with Johanna Krimmel via email, then send some NOTCOT Buttons in the mail ~ and then she sketches out a a picture of those buttons being opened on her laptop (yay, mac) down to the details of the air mail stamp, and snail mails me back! So to complete/continue the cycle i wonder if i need to now paint her a picture of me opening her envelope of her picture of my envelope…. etc etc etc you get the point. Or is posting it enough? Anyhow, this was a first, so thought you guys might liked to take a peek! More images below…




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I am starting to love snail mail again. It’s the fading of the anticipation, forgetting that you’re expecting something, and then feeling bursts of joy when you see your name written or printed on a nice package. Even if it’s only a card, or a photo, it’s like a postal gem. We should all get to just mailing people now and then. We could start cross-country friendships for under $1. Sweeeeeet!

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