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Paul Villinski Beer Can Butterflies- 03.19.08

beercanbutt01.jpgWhile at CA Boom V, the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery had a booth with a mesmerizing series of Butterfly Installations by Paul Villinski. Apparently he is quite the recontextualist of found objects… transforming found gloves into dresses and comforters, wheelchairs and radio flyers into planes, and my favorite - beer cans into butterflies which when installed appear to be flying and fluttering with every breeze. Villinski’s site describes this collection: “These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies.” See close ups of the CA Boom installation and others after the jump!




Here are my pics from CA Boom of the installations!





Images are a mixture from:
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Paul Villinski’s Site
… and my personal pics from CA Boom

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19 Notes

Beautiful. How does one go about purchasing these beautiful butterflies? Thank you.

----- Dave 17.08.13 10:22

Where can I buy these beautiful butterfly’s !! I would like to do a wall of these in my new condo

----- Rosie 23.12.12 14:39

Brillent… your butterfly art is beautiful and so graceful.

I am decorating my daughters room and I am interested in where we can buy a piece of your art work.

----- Kat 07.11.12 11:08

I just love the butterfly wall in gossip girl and I really want one for myslef when I’ll be moving. I live in Sweden and I just wondered if it’s possible for me to by oit? If so how much would it be?

----- Louise Henriksson 24.04.12 13:16


It’s really lovely. I’m just curious, how did he stick the butterflies to the wall?

----- Cho 04.04.12 06:32

They are so lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love something like this for my wall. How can I buy your butterflies? if i live in Moscow Russia. Thank you

----- Galina 12.01.12 19:55

Absolutely stunning! Are Paul Villinski Beer Can Butterflies Installations available for purchase anywhere?

----- Eva 26.12.10 12:02

How can I buy your butterflies?

----- Gail Bassi 10.03.10 13:02

These are so cool I would love something like this for my wall.
Keep up the great work!!

----- Steph 20.07.09 23:33

The butterflies on the wall are beautiful. How does one go about purchasing.

----- Barbara 27.05.09 09:25

Really Nice!
Must spent lots of time carving!
Bravo for the patience and beauty.


----- Richard 07.04.09 19:04

The butterflies are just what I need for my wall. How can I possibly purchase them???

----- Kimberly Barnes 24.12.08 10:03

wow….where can i purchase some of these amazing examples of art…..they are exactly what i need. or are there templates so i can make some myself

----- helen eastham 09.04.08 16:45

Amazing, and such beauty!

----- Vester Wood 03.04.08 16:12

Absolutely exquisite, beautiful..brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

----- Laura Newman 31.03.08 14:28

Wow… it is so lovely… especially those on the walls… It makes such and great effect. It is nothing like only painting the wall with butterflies, but this is like 3D and more realistic… Would it be a big crime if I would try to do something like this on my wall? :-)

----- Susan 22.03.08 12:25

wow - that’s really cool.
beautiful. i love that last pic and the shadows they create on the wall. the orange ones against the blue is greta too - nice contrast.

----- maura 22.03.08 11:48


----- nemo 19.03.08 20:11

awesome! they are so cute! =)

----- rugenius 19.03.08 02:03

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