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The Ultimate Grill (Part 2) - NOTConcept 001- 03.10.08

2hangingopen-w-image.jpgNOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

So, last week, in collaboration with HERO Design Lab, NOTCOT kicked off NOTConcept 001 with the brainstorming + sketches of what the future grill might look and function like. With input from readers and friends, we’re excited to show you Part 2, more detailed sketches focusing on a specific concept that has evolved from idea B1 (the hanging grill/pod idea) and C-series (the “smart fire jacks” idea). The result is this new series of concepts around modular heating elements for cooking, and the various housing they can adapt to… see all the ideas below!

Pendent style grill with possible shape variations labeled a through f. Powered by wireless inductive smart jacks. A possible material is high-temperature vitro-ceramic for enhancing cooking and looking cool. Also can double as a light source, especially while cooking at night, and can be fitted with a grill, teppanyaki, or steaming bowl. You can see from the first image, that when opened, a projected touch sensitive interface opens the grill and controls the smart jacks.

This is a concept for a free standing heat-screen/radiator. The smart jacks can be inserted at will in the frame by the user. This product can provide space heating, and the top half folds down to provide a horizontal hot surface over which a grill and teppanyaki can be placed. The screen only reaches cooking temperatures in the horizontal position. The jacks provide feedback by changing color as the temperature increases. The touch control rotates 90 degrees to face the user when the heating surface is folded down.

These are the smart jacks - they’re a conductive composite that provide heat by wireless induction. Shape variations for the jacks are shown in diagrams 1 through 5.

Each jack contains a core system that’s powered by wireless electricity aka WITRICITY (also known as evanescent wave coupling). The electricity powers up an inductive system that transfers heat from metal elements to the body of the jacks. The electricity powering the jacks could be provided by solar panels, urban electric grid, wind power etc. In short, this is an perfect candidate for clean energy usage.

NOTCOT note from Jean: I love the idea that this concept as a whole basically rethinks the way we approach heating, fire, and cooking. The ability to make the heat source itself physically manifested and modular is a fascinating concept. Can you imagine possibilities such as being able to cook your chicken in half the time because with a few smart jacks inside you can cook it from the inside out at the same time? Can you imagine the new recipes waiting to be invented?

Also, the idea of reusing the same heating components in your stove/grill, space heater, and outdoor mini-grill is certainly a move in the right direction with encouraging people’s lifestyles to consume less and save some space. Nice touch mentioning that the heater that can double as a cooking surface will only reach certain temperatures depending on whether horizontal or vertical! I can’t wait to see what Jenny and Leo have to share when it comes to Part 3 with 3D renders of this concept!

NOTConcept 001: The Ultimate Grill - [Research] [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

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3 Notes

B1 is looking very nice. Version A and F are my fav’s although D seems interesting for cleaning, adding mesquite etc… I guess I would pick A as it seems to have its own visual identity and doesn’t borrow from lighting as much as BCDEF. The form appears to be trapping something inside by having bevels meet a seam (dinner maybe?). Please add Phase 4: Production.

----- Matt Hexemer 12.03.08 09:23

I love the hanging grill concept, i have one critique to make about the control system.

The controls are touch sensitive and located on the top half of the grill.
You’d have to make sure the material they’re projected onto does not heat up at all, as they’re likely to soak up all the excess heat from the grill.

otherwise you’d be grilling your fingertips as well.

can’t wait to see how this developes ;D

----- KarlR 11.03.08 04:33

You are doing a good job!

In this page i prefer the first concept, the suspended grill/lamp is sure a fascinating project, but i don’t understand if would be possible move it, or it has to stand hanging at ceiling.

Between previous sketches, i like also A4.

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 11.03.08 00:26

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