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Amazon Kindle Unboxing!- 03.10.08

kindlemain.jpgBlame the Kindle for the extra quiet Monday as far as posts go. This unexpected new toy showed up on the doorstep this morning, and i’ve been a bit distracted since. In all honesty, as far as first impressions go… i LOVE the packaging and use of playful typography and book like packaging… as well as using the same patterns on the non-slip rubbery back of the kindle itself. As for using the actual Kindle to read books/newspapers/blogs/wikipedia… i was skeptical, never figured it was for me. But, i’m kind of hooked. Unlike the Zune experience, this worked like a breeze out of the box. Finds its connection, lets me scroll around, even give me a little intro/walkthrough as one of the first files to check out… and the readability of the screen is SO nice on the eyes… (i’m *this* close to getting a new macbook pro and ditching this current one to go back to a matte screen before they get rid of them all)… flipping pages is a such a nice gesture, and i’m in love with the mirrored little scroller squares. I know i’m a bit late to the game on this one, but check out the pics after the jump to see how nicely done the packaging is!

So far, i have impulse bought the new Sophie Kinsella book Remember Me (embarrassing as it is, i’ll admit it, i read a few of those Shopaholic books on the beach while on post-uni euro trips) to try out, and have been surprised how quickly i’ve been flying through the pages between working on the laptop today and taking calls on the pearl (this may be terrible for multitasking!)… i am also trying out the WSJ and NYTimes subscriptions, but so far it feels a bit too RSS like for my tastes, and i think newspapers are still most fun in print for me, but this is definitely nice to slip in the purse. And of course… i’ve browsed the NOTCOTs on the web browser, and while we’re not the best optimized for advanced kindle rendering… in default mode its not half bad! Also tried browsing gmail a little…. anyhow, check out the unboxing pics below, probably more to come on this new toy later…







So far my favorite unexpected feature is definitely the random images (and dictionary entries) it shows you when it goes to “sleep”… i found myself waking it up just to put it to sleep again to see what it would give me next. (I guess you can tell that i love a good “random” option.)


Here are the sites viewed on it!

For more info…. go read up on the Amazon Kindle here… so far i’m finding myself oddly addicted to it. For anyone who felt similarly uninterested reading the web reviews/pics, i think playing with it in person is definitely necessary before making your final decision. The instant gratification/web connection aspect is definitely a major plus.

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Thanks for the pix and the comments! Haven’t seen many Kindle unboxing photos.

I’ve linked to you from KindleBoards.

Enjoy that machine!

Harvey (from KindleBoards.com)

----- Harvey 13.04.08 15:05

I like how it just *works* on the evdo network. No setup required.

----- Rob 13.03.08 00:35

Looks like with the thick side on the left, it’s definitely meant to be a right-handed toy..? I wonder how it works for a lefty.

----- Kate S. 11.03.08 11:30

“unexpected new toy”, I guess you’ll have to give it back then?

That’s a shame as looks like a lot of fun, if you do get to keep it I hear that the Kindle has been designed with the UK in mind so if you don’t find it’s as good as you’d hoped, you could always ship it to me.

----- Alan Eagle 11.03.08 05:04

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