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1800 Tequila Limited Editions- 04.14.08

1800tequila.jpg Prepare to see Tequila in a whole new light… especially if you live in SF, Chicago, Detroit, or Atlanta, where the first set of 1800 Tequila Artist billboards are now popping up to show off some of their beautiful and crazy Limited Edition bottle collaborations! And rolling out soon will also be chances for people to submit art for upcoming billboards/bottles… and SNEAKERS!

From the press release:

A unique mix of palette and palate, this new initiative celebrates the talents of nine artists — Jorge Alderete (Mexico City) , Jeremy Bacharach (Chicago), Glenn Barr (Detroit), Will Chambers (Chicago), Chris Dean (Detroit), Kim Dosa (Atlanta), Josh Ellingson (Oakland), Hannah Stouffer (Oakland) and Urban Medium (Atlanta) — who have been commissioned to design collectible limited edition bottles. (There are only 1800 of each design, which will be available for a Pop Art price of $34.99 at high-end liquor stores).
The specially commissioned artworks will be unveiled as part of an $8million outdoor advertising and promotional campaign across the country — a new-generation museum that brings art to the people. For those who are unable to view the high-impact billboards in person, the campaign will also be available online at www.1800Tequila.com .

See my favorite bottle/billboards after the jump!







Curious what “normal” 1800 Tequila looks like? Between you and me, i’m not sure i could go back to the normal stuff after seeing these amazing bottle designs!

totally random… but does anyone else find themselves reading 1800 Tequila as 1-800-TEQUILA ?

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13 Notes

when do the bottles come out, and anyone know where I can get them in So cal?

----- C* 18.12.08 11:52

im a tattoo artist from california
yo vote for my tequila bottle designs rate me 5 stars everyday .go to my my space.

----- jessy Campos 18.11.08 21:47

i m an artist and i want my art on one of these botlles,tattooing and art designing is my life. so people check out my myspace profile and get 1800 tequila to use my art…..get campos sickside tattoos….mycpace.com/sickocamptattoos.com

----- campos 30.10.08 13:52

i live in australia……… i know we will NEVER see these here…….. I WANT ONE

----- Peta 28.10.08 20:08

You can also go on youtube. theres a video there that shows ya!

----- Janise 15.10.08 20:36

You need to twist the top almost all the way off(midway) pour the tequila into the top then twist it off. It is a shot glass.

----- Janise 15.10.08 20:31

Is the shot glass topper just for looks or is there a way to actually use it. I turn it upside down, fill it but what then? One cant get it off with out turning it back upright then the tequila flows back into the bottle. Am I stupid or worse?

----- John 15.08.08 19:42

May i know if these design bottles are for sale.
Pls advice.

----- Greman Tiu 07.07.08 02:53

I’ve heard that this tequila (1800) has won a lot of honors in the spirit awards… much more than Patron… I think its an excellent tequila.

----- Edward 03.06.08 14:50

Rob knows not what he says… 1800 Tequila is an excellent product. Patron is for poseurs.
These bottles are amazing!..

----- Drew 16.04.08 07:57

I never thought of the 800 number…

The tequila isn’t that great though. But I don’t see why it can’t hold some better stuff instead.

----- Rob 15.04.08 00:39

Yes 1-800-tequila goes to Jose’s voicemail.

----- Jason 14.04.08 13:07

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