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Thank You, Veuve Clicquot.- 04.14.08

veuveday1.jpgI’m having one of those Mondays that already feels like a thursday… the week can’t end fast enough, yet its just begun. Also, its the week where i kick myself for not being in Milan for design week, not that i should have been there this year, seeing as i’m slightly over swamped with obligations at the moment anyhow. Good news for you, is part of that is due to a pile of really cool stuff i’m dying to post (the fun part of my life, um… “work”)… BUT for a random fun post before i get sit down in this crazy summery heatwave weather, i just wanted to say thanks to Veuve Clicquot for making today just a tiny bit more fun with their surprise delivery of a bottle of bubbly to help Milan coverage go a bit smoother this week. Yay for snail mail… a few more silly pics after the jump (although i do like how the pirate bronto in the apple is now in the glass up there)… back to regularly scheduled rants of designer inspiration and amusements!



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how can i get my hands on one of those awesome notcot. decals like the one up on that computer?

----- jenat 16.04.08 19:12

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