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Apple Pie with Cheese- 04.24.08

mainpiepic.jpgOn a continued giddy morning, after a crazy long day running up and down norcal… while i avoided all things Web 2.0, i couldn’t say no to playing with our Federated Media family at their party at the Web 2.0 Expo South Park Crawl… like all crazy parties, the open bar kept flowing, the people came and went, but we and the FMers pretty much stayed till the end, and then began the wander to hunt for food through SOMA… one place after another the kitchens were all closed so we ended up at Mel’s Drive In. And not being famished, but in a silly mood, i couldn’t resist ordering the Apple Pie with Cheese A La Mode… and as you can see from the menu screenshot below, it’s really on there! And although i seldom post on a dare, well, i did promise that i’d document and share this bizarre combination with NOTCOT/TasteSpotters…

Keep reading to see the closeups, etc… and the bizarre fork sculpture the kids next to us were building…

See? It’s real!

And everyone had to take pics of it…. (yes, thats a camera in the top right corner)

Close up of the cheesiness… not totally sure if there’s a special cheesy pie… but it sure looks like it was melted on the pie THEN cut… and honestly once you made it a la mode, you barely tasted the cheese… and cheese plates and fruit aren’t uncommon, so perhaps this is just a strange twist on that? But all in all, i see no real need to consume that again…

Here are the kids in the midst of their fork sculpture… if i recall correctly at one point there was broccoli involved too…

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18 Notes

kewl :D ill try that it sounds gooood!!

----- clare messenger 16.11.09 17:34

Not Dutch. Pennslyvania Dutch.

----- rosita 22.03.09 14:31

My Canadian wife tells me it’s a dutch tradition..?!
I’m from holland, lived there until I moved to Canada when I was 27 and I have never heard of it. I think I would have but I cannot seem to convince her.

----- Rudy Jilderda 09.02.09 15:53

is there a name for apple pie with cheese on it ,?

----- lou 22.10.08 16:29

It’s totally normal to have cheese on your apple pie, most often sharp cheddar. I have no idea why people find it so strange. Haven’t you guys seen Taxi Driver?

----- ashi 12.05.08 22:25

I followed the other FMer to the WIRED party for more drinks of the week! A single malt with a draft Anchor Steam chaser (gotta love SF). It was great to see you.

----- Harry 27.04.08 19:31

I grew up in Houston, TX, and I always thought this was standard fare! I’m always surprised by how strange people think it is. Once you taste it it makes perfect sense.

----- Raygan 26.04.08 01:14

My dad says the “apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze” as well, although he doesn’t usually eat it that way in practice. He is medium-old (60), and is from the Canadian west coast… although he may have inherited the tradition from his mother and grandparents, from Saskatchewan.

----- camille 25.04.08 08:41

Great to experience an FM night out with authors vicariously through your post. I’m on the wrong coast, but hope to participate for real sometime!

----- Pamela 25.04.08 06:38

I’m on Canada’s East Coast and my dad LOVES what he calls “hard cheese” (it’s mild cheddar) on apple pie. I’ve never seen it baked in, though!

----- Gayle Bird 25.04.08 05:52

I was going to say the Taxi Driver thing! I’ve been wanting to try it (however strange it sounded to me at the time) ever since I first saw the movie.

----- Johanna 25.04.08 00:48

I’m fairly certain the cheese thing (and the above post pretty much confirms it) is a canadian tradition. I’ve seen it pretty often, but I have to disagree with my fellow canadian and say that not everybody over here loves it. Definitely more of an east coast/central canada tradition than west coast.

----- Morgan 24.04.08 20:48

Just an FYI, I think the cheese a la mode pie was common in the 60s and 70s. In the movie Taxi Driver, Robert DeNiro orders a slice of apple pie with cheese on it. I found it strange too.

----- Royce 24.04.08 20:44

Head on up here to Canada - so far as I knew, everybody ate their apple pie with cheese (just like eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream and honey — yu-um!!!).
On that pushing daisies show, I think they even pair the cheese that they bake right in - as opposed cold on the side, like we do up here - perfectly to the type of apple. Could get quite creative with that…

----- laura 24.04.08 17:35

Woo! The double dog dare worked!

----- Justin 24.04.08 16:25

thanks for a fun night :) the pie was cheesy, appley, creamy, bizarre. my turkey burger wasn’t half as interesting.

----- paul 24.04.08 16:15

My grandpa would put cheddar on his apple pie.
I like it too.

----- colleen 24.04.08 15:22

I’ve heard (from someone elderly, if memory serves) that Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without squeeze - that being said, if its true - I’ll take my kisses without the squeeze!

----- KC 24.04.08 14:24

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