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Leaving your Footprint on the Earth- 04.22.08

footprints1.jpgHAPPY EARTH DAY! Sadly the weather got a bit drearier here where i’m hiding in norcal… BUT the good news is, i’m actually hoping it rains - since i just got a pair of black swims in my size to try out, and i was hoping to get them a bit wet and shoot some silly pics in the rain to try them out and share with you! So *fingers crossed*. (I did consider dancing around in sprinklers, but that just seemed silly.)

Anyhow, not to get all literal on you, but i was thinking about earth day, and reading all over about the footprint we’re leaving… and i was realizing how i loved the trees on the soles of the Ms. Swims… and then i spotted these hilarious bespoke parisian wolf soled shoes, Berluti’s Empeinte du Loup… and i couldn’t resist a post about these awesome footprints you could be leaving everywhere you walk.

Also, you may remember swims with their gorgeous photography from this old post… and previously swims sent over a pair of pink, L sized swims… but i looked a bit ronald mcdonald in them, so pics below of the awesome packaging and shoe bag and the flexibility of the material… but coming soon (when it rains!) will be pics of how it works putting them on, taking them off, etc.






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