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Dan Tague Money Prints- 04.07.08

tague.jpgI bet you’re having one of those “i wish i had thought of that first” moments… yes we all have $$$ bills and scanners, have probably played with origami or silly money folding tricks in our childhood… but Dan Tague has stepped up and taken it to the next level using this combination to make politically provocative prints 20 something inches wide (and bigger!).

Dan Tague - “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” runs from March 29, 2008 through Apr 19, 2008 at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans. Above - THE END IS NEAR & TRUST NO ONE… LIAR. See some of my favorites from his show after the jump - including: We Trust Liars, He is a liar. State of Fear. The American Idol. I Hate War. Hunt For Oil. The Heat is On. In God We Trust, Serve The State.


Dan Tague’s Statement about the work:

The appeal and power of money are the issues at the core of this series. In a capitalist society cash rules everything. Society teaches us that you can buy love, happiness, and status through possessions. You can even right wrongs by taking away a bit of someone’s happiness through fines and lawsuits. Politicians buy votes through claims of lowering taxes, in other words letting us hold on to a little more of status… upper, lower, upper-lower class. Income tax, sales tax, and property tax all fund the war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty, war on morality, etcetera. In fact our consumer pursuit of happiness is the cause and solution for all of these wars.
So in order to convey the allure of cash I relied on the aesthetic qualities of the bills. Detailed decorative engravings, masterful portraits and architectural renderings, and elegant fonts create a decadent allure. I further the effect with folds and twists to abstract the imagery and create a collage of wonderful images.
Folding the bills has another purpose to create narrative. The folds are precise and calculated in order to convey messages amidst the appeal of the abstracted imagery. The messages are political in nature ranging from local issues directed at rebuilding New Orleans with phrases like Unite NOLA and Home is a Tent. The proceeds of this photograph go to UNITY of Greater New Orleans to help out with the homeless crisis in our city. Other messages relate issues of terror and war with State of Fear and Hunt for Oil. While others deal with religion, God is American, and politicians, Trust No One. Then there is the ultimate praise of money in a capitalist world as the The American Idol.







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Dan Tague was great this past weekend at White Linen night in New Orleans.


Be sure to check out his new work “Fist Talk” on the gallery website
or check us out on facebook to find out more about Dan and his work.
Thanks for supporting

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

----- Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 06.08.09 13:25

Nice idea but for the most part poorly executed. I can only read about half, which means the message is lost on the others. It’s unclear what type I’m supposed to read and which I’m supposed to ignore.

----- mT 03.02.09 06:19

Hey check out what Dan Tague is working on now.

In the true spirit of creativity, entrepreneurship and community activism, it is our distinct honor to announce the launch of two new websites that helps spread the message of hope and at the same time helps artists with housing.




Artist Dan Tague and gallerist Jonathan Ferrara have joined forces to launch these websites of shirts of art featuring Tague’s folded $$$ bill imagery of unique messages of inspiration and self-examination.

Tague’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art centers across the US and is in several prominent museum and private collections nationwide. His original works on paper sell for thousands. In an effort to make his work more accessible to all those who love his art, we are releasing these shirts of art.

One dollar, $1.00, from every shirt sold will go directly to the New Orleans Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, a certified 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, that brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable houses.

*** A portion of the donated proceeds will go to providing affordable housing for artists in New Orleans***.


----- JFG 26.12.08 13:35

I’m always into seeing what ya’ll artist do around the world
big ups keep the platform going!!!

----- jason007thomas 08.12.08 11:20

THESEAN, I immediately thought of the same thing. That’s funny.

On the pictures themselves, I don’t really like them. I mean, they are a brilliant idea, very well done, and I can admit that. I simply disagree with the message they convey.

----- Mike 12.09.08 22:37

Very, very clever! Excellent.

----- Steve 12.05.08 15:55

Very nice Dan - we’re always impressed with your work!

----- Donald 03.05.08 08:22

This reminds me of this: (middle of page)

Just not as funny, but more artistic.

----- thesean 28.04.08 13:32

i didn’t get it… and got agitated.

came back later and now i get it…

----- kahnowerh 10.04.08 16:45

These are absolutely incredible! You’re correct, I literally cannot believe I didn’t think of this… :) I work with cash all day long. But—kudos to Dan Tague. I’d love one of these on my office wall.

----- Jimmy 07.04.08 14:07

Amazing…it took me a while to read them but very well done. Kudos

----- Carlene 07.04.08 12:05


----- DB 07.04.08 11:11

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