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Start Here / Little Fury- 04.06.08

0405littlefury1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another post from Anna of the lovely Sub-Studio! You can also see her artwork in the tags on the side of the page right now!

Little Fury is the design collaborative of Esther Mun and Tina Chang. The two met in New York at Pentagram, and after a few stints at different offices, started Little Fury with the design philosophy:

No design for the sake of design.
No “overdone” products.
No “cutesy doodads”.
Simplicity. Functionality. Practicality. Innovation. Individuality.

The result is an impressive portfolio of branding/identity projects and gorgeous product packaging, including the product series Start Here - a set of linkable notebooks and planners. Individual notebooks can be linked together as you need and customized with self-adhesive pockets and colorful tabs. The cover is stain resistant, waterproof, and tear-resistant, and the interior paper is available in blue, grey, white, pink, manila, and green.

Check out more great projects after the jump.


Packaging for BeeHive Honey.



A set of JD Salinger books.


A funny little graphic about the history of Little Fury.

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I own two of these notebooks and have had them for over a year — one planner (discontinued unfortunately) and one lined notebook, linked together. I’ve crammed them, stuck them in numerous bags, and they’ve been abused, but the covers are still intact. I usually don’t like lined pages, but the space between the lines to these journals are just right! The weight of the paper is a nice thickness and pretty darn good quality. I would say, just buy one and see for yourself.

----- jjy 16.12.08 06:34

These look wonderful, but does anyone else find it difficult to buy a notebook without touching it? To know the weight of it and the feel of the paper? To feel the thickness and the slipperiness and stuff?

----- joe 06.04.08 22:53

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