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GTA IV or MarioKart- 04.30.08

gtamario1.jpgThis is definitely the week of driving. The sites have been insanely quiet today because i have spent over 8 hours cruising down the 101 (the historic El Camino Real - slowly passing many of the california missions) - at no more than 60 mph behind a uhaul towing a car that i spent all day/night packing yesterday… and yesterday between packing (moving the NOTCOT norcal office back to socal - so dan and i are both back in LA for good now), i was also a bit slow yesterday (and sunday and monday) because in between packing i couldn’t stop playing MarioKart for the Wii!!! It’s terribly addictive, and so adorable, and as silly as it feels to be holding a plastic toddler feeling fake steering wheel, i love it.

So MarioKart for Wii as one extreme… on the other end of the gaming/driving spectrum… getting back to my house after midnight (and the xbox still being in a box in the uhaul somewhere) i was thrilled to be greeted by a large amazon box with the GTA IV Special Edition set for XBOX (also available for PS3)… seriously, no one does schwag like Rockstar - beyond innovative gameplay and gorgeous graphics, their packaging and schwag always manage to blow my mind. So although i haven’t played the game yet, the unboxing of the Security Deposit Box, Art Book, Duffle Bag and more is not to be missed… see it all on the next page!

So - MarioKart or GTA? Which will you be driving this week?






I think this might need to become my new gym bag….

Here’s a sneak peek at the book, i’ll definitely be browsing it more closely in the morning… perhaps while listening to the soundtrack… and watching dan break in the game while i work?

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That makes sense to me but does this?
I’m as confused as a baby in a topless bar.

----- Viviana Barkle 24.12.10 10:12

I’ll be driving MARIO KART!

----- jplanet 30.04.08 09:37

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