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Atmostheory Command Posters- 04.30.08

scnposters.jpgI giggled when i first saw these “Command” posters on Swiss Miss… and then as i read them all a bit more, i couldn’t help but think it would be awesome to have Somebody Save Me From These Fools above my seat in a conference room… as well as the Please Do Not Copy, Create Something New! Ahhhh, they are all so relevant for our day to day work. Also check out the Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind on the next page. You can order the three set from My Little Underground for $12.



6 Notes

Oh, these are simply brilliant… : )
I love the wittiness of it all.

----- grace 02.05.08 16:38

I just love these posters. Very simple and creative at the same time

----- Winart 30.04.08 17:32

they are great!!

----- ludika 30.04.08 17:11

brilliant! create something new is my favorite.

----- Mitzi 30.04.08 13:23

These are just begging to be turned into t-shirts.

----- Andy 30.04.08 13:08

Hilarious. Can’t believe that I’ve never seen something like this before.. so simple

----- Emily 30.04.08 12:16

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