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I Do Design Milan Launches- 04.14.08

unionbenchnew.jpgSwedish, I Do Design, and their gorgeous Union Benches… i showed you their Outdoor Union Bench and renderings of the indoor one previously, you remember, the gorgeously sleek concrete/wood outdoor benches that were shaped like three hemispheres molded together? Well Salone time is upon us, and they’ve shared the two new glossy red and black indoor versions (perfect for lounges, clubs, waiting areas) and a DESK! which looks like a very fun place to work closely together yet still have quite a bit of your own space to take over! I’m very tempted by both. Get a first look at all of these new pieces after the jump!

union bench indoor black.jpg

unionbench indoor red.jpg

uniondesk 1.jpg

uniondesk 2.jpg

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2 Notes

Where can we buy the Union Bench in Canada?

----- krista 08.12.11 22:19

the fact that one person could use all three “pods” of that desk is absolutely awesome!

----- keneke 17.04.08 21:51

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