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RED Scarlet- 04.14.08

scarlet.jpgThere has been much talk of NOTCOT TV… actually scratch that… by *talk* i mean *pressure*. And we’re definitely interested, but keep in mine we’re 2 people running 4 sites, with help from a tiny handful of part timers who help when they can. If you asked me what i’d be doing now, three years ago, this wouldn’t have even been in my realm of possibilities! BUT, that being said, i’ve been buzzing with ideas, just not the time/resources to pull it off quite yet… and when i saw the new Red Scarlet “pocket professional” camera that got announced at NAB 2008, i couldn’t help but drool a little. Before even getting to the insane guts this thing has, the aesthetic alone is drool worthy…

As Engadget describes “The teensy 3K resolution camcorder is based on a 2 / 3-inch Mysterium X sensor, can shoot at 1 to 120 FPS and records to dual CompactFlash cards, which can handle up to 100MB per second of REDCODE RAW HD video. You can preview your shot on the 4.8-inch LCD, and there’s a 8x RED zoom lens included. HMDI, HD-SDI, FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 inputs are built in, and the device is compatible with “many” RED ONE accessories. WiFi control is also included.” - and it has still mode too!

NO Pre-orders, and it’s supposedly going to be just under $3,000, slated for early 2009… So i’m sayin’ it right now, if somehow people manage to get one of these in my hands to play with, i will make NOTCOT videos happen, and they will be fun and quite probably quite unlike what you’re used to seeing in podcasts today. (Notice how i’m basically not promising you video until earliest 2009? I guess i’d better start brushing up on my final cut now… and/or looking for people to work on this potential new project…)

More pics to drool over after the jump as usual…



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Can’t wait for this camera, hoping if you can attach a lens to it. GOD 3K kicks all the other HD cameras ASS.

----- Rabyoung 21.04.08 18:19

Just bookmarked this wonderful site. About to make it a home page as well

----- Rob Duncan 16.04.08 10:53

Hi Jean :)

----- esotericsean 15.04.08 10:42

Huge huge fan of your site, awesome to see you guys covering this camera!
I’m in the video business, but I’m an artist at heart :-) No idea there where only 2 of you! That’s crazy, you guys are doing a great job! Let me know if you ever need help :-P

Anyway, love the site, love the story. Keep up the good work.



----- Trevor Lee 15.04.08 06:44

Let’s make this (Red) Scarlet!

----- Bono 14.04.08 21:27

Leave it to the founder of Oakley to create the most badass, over-enginered ultra HD cameras ever.

----- Patrick 14.04.08 21:18

That’s what I want there.

----- Chris A. Wronski 14.04.08 19:46

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