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Julie Krakowski- 04.03.08

0402krakowski1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another post from Anna of the lovely Sub-Studio! I can’t decide whether Julie’s work here creeps me out and/or is incredibly awesome…

Julie Krakowski is a designer creating conceptual textiles. Take Coffee and Cigarettes I - a series of textiles based on the marks typically left on linens by everyday life, such as cigarette burns, and food stains. Each mark is painstakingly embroidered into the linen. This series seeks to “accentuate the importance of the random and the ambiguity between the worn and the precious”. Other textile explorations look at material transformation, such as molting and shedding, as well as textiles based on the organic world of mosses, vines, flowers, lichens and shells.

Check out more of Julie’s work after the jump.



Textiles from the Mutation line. The textile on the left mixes plastic mesh with wool.


Further translation into wearable fabric.


Textiles from the Jungle line.


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where can her clothes and linens be purchased?? I emailed her, to no avail…

----- Emily 04.04.08 13:38

i want these things to be apart of my life

----- THESIS 03.04.08 11:00

There are really fantastic. Some are a bit “too” accurate and look more like actual old, faded, mouldy items instead of making it clear that this is simply a re-use of the pattern; however the idea in and of itself has led to some really beautiful pieces.

----- SEO Ranter 03.04.08 06:40

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