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Target’s Club Wedd Catalog- 04.03.08

targetwedd1.jpgSo my mother sends me an email linking Target’s Club Wedd Catalog. Yes, a catalog for those prepping for their vows. No, i’m not at all anywhere near that stage of my life… and i don’t *think* she’s hinting at anything (she’d be skipping a major step, seeing as i’m single). Anyhow, turns out what she claims to have wanted to point out is that she really liked page 74 which has a nice “what you need in your kitchen drawer” type diagram… i love that they have things like Silicone Gadgets, Angled Measuring Cups, Potato Ricer, Zester, etc… really the whole guide could be an easy way to catch your bachelor friends up on what they need in their houses…

ALSO noteworthy… when two giants converge, as soon as i started flipping through this digital catalog, i kept feeling like i was at Daily Candy, but i knew i was at Target, naturally i thought i was losing it… Turns out i’m not completely crazy, and they enlisted Daily Candy’s signature illustrator, Sujean Rim to paint the adorable images of newly weds in various stages… see more images below of my favorites!

This is the page 74 she’s liking the layout of…






For even more of Sujean’s work for target, check out this cute post with lots more pics over at A Design Affair.

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Oh I LOVE it! It is so perfect and would be a great accessory to add for your big day! Yes, that is a lot of money…BUT if you wear it after the wedding it would be worth it (IMO).

----- rings fine jewelry 24.12.10 12:15

LOVE! thanks for sharing!!

----- anna 11.04.08 08:32

Thanks for linking to my page. I swooned over these illustrations, as Target is always raising the bar on designed pieces. Hiring Sujean was a great idea! Thanks for showing some of the newer catalog pictures. I spotted the new catalog insert in Modern Bride last week!

----- adesignaffair 09.04.08 07:29

I like that you have to be 13 or older to get a catalog. We wouldn’t want those preteens to start getting ideas…

----- Rusty Stanberry 07.04.08 09:07

I love the illustrations. It shows that retailers can gain exposure by hiring artists and making a catalog that fits better into the lifestyle of their target audience.

----- At Home with Kim Vallee 05.04.08 13:44

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