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Kopali SUPERFOOD- 04.02.08

mulberries.jpgOn random buying based on pretty graphic design/typography/packaging… i couldn’t resist snagging two packs of the Kopali SUPERGOOD SUPERFOOD (no, seriously, that’s what it’s called). And also how intriguing do these dried mulberries look? (they were new to me… and once i grabbed those i also HAD to try the Dark Chocolate Covered ones too.) They also have dried Mango, Pineapple, Goldenberries… and in the choc covered range - Cacao Nibs, Espresso Beans, Goji Berries, Mulberries and Bananas (i think i need to try the bananas next time). The site says “They’re “Supergood” because they’re so delicious, nutritous and righteous. They’re “Superfood” because they’re packed with energy and essential phytonutrients. ” Also interesting is their “three bottom line” business plan, focusing on reaching not only financial goals, but also eco/sustainable goals and personal goals to support the people involved. Check out the video below with their company’s fascinating business story, bus tour, and how Whole Foods have really helped get the ex-programmer and horticulturist working out of the beaches of costa rica on the map…. and a few more fun close up pics of these crazy mulberries.


The dark chocolate is addictively good…

As for the mulberries, on their own they need a little something to help with the flavor… and they are terribly chewy and get super stuck in your teeth, yet such a strange texture/sensation they too were a bit addictive, but MUCH better when coated in dark choc, and a nice pick me up when famished and in the car……….



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oh man, dark chocolate covered?? i need these, stat.

----- sarah 02.04.08 07:19

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