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Outdoor Speakers (part 2) - NOTConcept 002- 04.02.08

gnome-projector.jpgNOTConcept 002: Outdoor Sound System - [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

NOTCOT Note: Here’s part two of NOTConcept 002 ~ more thought out sketches exploring the idea of the tiki torch styles and gnomes to create a modular ambient multi-sensory experience outdoors… and i must admit, as i go through the sketches that Leo Corrales and Jenny Lemieux from HERO Design Lab have done for this round, i can already imagine how much fun a garden party or dusk, movie on the lawn party would be with these surrounding you and helping create that perfect outdoor musical/projector experience.

To start off - here’s the Alfa gnome (there are also alfa trees), which will incorporate a projection unit… either to create flood light or to project your last trip vid (alright maybe the match of the day that you’re watching with your buddies)… See the rest of the clan of gnomes and their corresponding tiki torch speaker trees after the jump!!!

Close-up of the garden gnomes: the materials could range from ceramic to glass or translucent matte/glossy plastics. It could be really neat if the whole clan was also available in “DIY - paint your clan” white. You should be able to equip the members of your clan or forest with the appropriate speakers for the desired surround sound experience. LED interior light is a must in this design.

The garden shot at dusk… We thought of this image as the tikis vs. garden-gnomes showdown in the burrow, but then liked how they were living together in HIFI harmony. The combo could lead to some pretty silly configurations.

The garden shot at night… taking place a couple of minutes later when the sun is almost completely gone and your whole HIFI clan/forest creates a moody garden ambiance. Nice for those summer night BBQs or open air backyard cinema with the family!

Tiki tree close ups! The exact same concept as the garden gnomes, one Alfa tree-tiki will incorporate a small projector and the branches contain the speakers. Oh yeah, warm LED lighting strips complete the experience.

The universal powersource - Instead of sticking a solar panel in the clan member or the tiki forest, why not create nice pebble like tiles that live also with the clan/forest, with bigger panels that lead to more energy needed for the system.

How do you control this little multi-sensory ecosystem? Well, we think it should be something simple, like a Bluetooth/iTrip/iPhone combo on steroids… that sends your favorite media to your projection unit and speaker unit/s / clan / forest.

NOTConcept 002: Outdoor Sound System - [1: Idea Sketching] [2: Concept Dev] [3: 3D Renders]

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is this already in production? Or is this only a 3D image of something that’s coming :)

looks very nice!!

----- karina 24.04.08 04:26

I think these are wonderful concepts. the trees look beautiful. I hope it comes to production.

----- Adam 03.04.08 00:43

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