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Sorapot Unboxing- 04.30.08

sorapotunbox.jpgOn more packages to play with upon returning to LA… Here is the Sorapot unboxing that i’ve waited 3 years to do (i first read about it over on Cool Hunting in 2005)! Joey Roth was actually my first NOTCOT reader i ever met, and i’m ecstatic to finally see his masterpiece in my hands (and not on a computer screen!). So amidst all this u-haul unloading, unpacking and playing 3D tetris with boxes… here’s a quick unboxing of this beautiful new teapot. So industrial, yet elegant… and i even have

… I have yet to brew my first sorapot of tea - more to come on that later… But for now - check out the freshly launched official Sorapot site! On the next page see the unboxing of it out in Topanga Canyon… a few sneaks peeks for you of the factory in the making… and a refresher diagram of the making of the Sorapot and how this is a testament to the power of design blogs to help small designers get out there!

As you can see from Joey Roth’s extensive press coverage (google alone shows thousands of links from blogs and magazines of all sorts)… the Sorapot has had some serious word of mouth going on which has helped turn this from a 3d rendering, to a project that Joey has worked insanely hard on - from researching and learning about factory production methods and packaging, to distribution channels… check out this awesome chart he sent me a while back - click to view larger!

A quote from Joey in his PSFK interview i love: “I basically owe my career to blogosphere buzz. Almost all of my customers find Sorapot through blog posts, and I still see blogs as my strongest advocates and best bridge to new customers, as well as insights on new product concepts.”







Here is a peek at where the Sorapot came from!


Also - on first looks at the Sorapot - check out Gizmodo Editor, Brian Lam’s video review of his first cup of tea…

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sorry to pour cold (or should that be hot?) water on the very nice looking design, but you can see three clear design flaws when you watch the embeded video.
1) it is not obvious how to fill it - you see the guy in the video try with just the glass and then it cuts to the full pot. i bet it is not easy to fill through that spout!
2) the spout pours poorly - the model spills some tea in the video - not a good look in a teapot!
3) since there is no air inlet, the pouring is ‘lumpy’ as air gulps into the vessel through the spout. you could probably fix this with a air straw in the spout. might help the second problem too.

i also wonder about the durability of the glass seal? looks cool - and most people will buy it for the looks i guess…

----- Jamie 15.05.08 00:59

We will be selling Joey’s teapots at http://www.spring3d.net/ spring gallery in Brooklyn from this weekend into June! Our opening event is on Sunday May 18th, 11am - 2pm, a slow sunday opening, to coincide with ICFF and will run through June. We’re very proud to have this piece as part of the collection!

----- natasha 12.05.08 10:36

Wow this looks beautiful i want one!

Also, where do you live? it looks like you have the most amazing views from you balcony :-)

----- Peter Roome 01.05.08 00:57

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