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Squid/Octopus Baster- 04.07.08

octbaster.jpgImpulse buy while at the Monterey Bay Aquarium… a little aquatic indulgence for my kitchen… not that i NEEDED a baster, although i dont have one that amuses me quite like this one. Boston Warehouse AnimalHouse Octopus Baster - over at amazon they have the purple one, but they call it a squid… Check out pics of the store’s insanity, close ups of my new adorable baster with and without its silicon head on… and it even comes with a cleaning brush! And has measurements along the side!

Overlooking the store (and this image is only half the store), how could i resist poking around all the kitchsy aquarium schwag? This was the only thing in there that grabbed me… and only when it was in white… It would just look so fun squirting dark ink like fluids!





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i manage a new retail space in portland, oregon and we carry these basters! we also carry tons of the other boston warehouse merchandise and have gotten a really good reaction to all the crazy animal kitchen tools. i think my favorite is the beaver whisk (have you seen it?). at the risk of this sounding like a plug, all of this stuff will be available on our website @ artfulgoods.com (plus other goodies).

on a side note, jean - i LOVE notcot. please never close this site. i almost croaked when tastespotting came down and am a little sad to think that you guys aren’t associated w/ them anymore.

----- kimmie 14.10.08 14:37

Awesome. Target currently has a set of animal-related kitchenstuffs. i’ve got a squid dish scrubber.

----- angryblue 09.04.08 16:33

I don’t know why, but I find this vaguely disturbing…

----- Craig 08.04.08 15:23

That baster is kinda awesome…

----- Jackson 07.04.08 18:33

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