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TechCrunch + PopSugar + LA…- 04.11.08

techparty1.jpgHow very surreal tonight has been. After much hmmming and hawwwwing… i ended up at one of those LA massive clubs (Vanguard)… and it didn’t really LOOK like clubbing in LA… it was a super techy/web 2.0 crowd having their incestuous circles and drama… supposedly for networking/matchmaking of every sort… yet you could barely talk to someone without screaming… it was cool to run into lots of random people and hide out at a dive bar after… there were some screens set up for sponsors to show off their companies… but they were impossible to get near and then understand what was going on… but that’s ok, because there was massive twittering of who was where and waving to who and doing what constantly… and Perry Ferrell (of Jane’s Addiction fame) was djing (see flickr VIDEO here)… and i get home and my mind/body is so confused… it was a night out in hollywood, yet it doesn’t at ALL feel like a night out in hollywood. This was the scene that was the TechCrunch + PopSugar “cocktail party”…

So much tech. But i did get a few fun crazy colored pictures of the bizarre scene from the upstairs window by the room where engage was matchmaking… no, seriously. Stickers read - single, taken, matchmaker… and people were actually meeting potentials! Ok so super techy sidetrack over ~ ready to go back to more designy themed events! Few more pics after the jump!






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I had tickets to go but ended up too sick/tired to make it, now I am even more sad than I was last night! ;)

----- andy cochrane 11.04.08 15:13

Oh, I thought I saw you there…

I had higher expectations but it was still fun.

----- Rob 11.04.08 06:52

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