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Anthro eNook vs IKEA PS- 04.09.08

enookikea.jpgBack in October of 2005, I wrote about Anthro’s new eNook, a thin, wall mounted laptop/charging hideaway… it was a brilliant idea, but with a $399 price tag, it was a bit steep to prioritize over buying a proper desk or chair… Well today i noticed that three years later Ikea has jumped on the design (oh ikea, *shakes head*), and in standard Ikea fashion, they moved the decimal point to $39. Far more tempting isn’t it? And while i don’t condone copying… at that price it is tempting to organize tech charging into a hidden box on the wall… See further comparison imagery below!

Ikea PS - laptop workstation

Anthro eNook

Big differences other than price?

eNook = Wood (and nice rounded corners for you to run into)
PS = Steel (and it looks like a locker)

Both = key/lock
Both = power strip in the bottom section!

I could totally see that red IKEA one in a garage above the rolling red powder coated steel craftsman drawers!

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----- Melissa 07.10.08 16:22

I just visited IKEA and checked out the laptop station. It feels like a student’s locker, metal with those slotted evnts. I thought it was workable but seemed more kid friendly than appropriate for my apartment really. The hinge was tight and difficult to use too.

----- Katherine 03.09.08 12:19

…even for design matters i’d prefer ikea in this case!
by the way: ikea seems to have strong distinctions in pricing. here in germany it’s 49.- EUROs (about 77 dollars!!!). That’s quite a difference!!

----- jere 12.04.08 09:20

oooh now i can live in a spaceship, submarine, or nyc apartment

----- Stickers & Donuts 10.04.08 19:59

I doubt that it’s copying, no matter who made their product first.
Several people seemed to have had this concept long before and constructed their own out of wood and whatnot.

----- Iris 10.04.08 18:06

Wow! During the day I like to transition between sitting and standing workstations, but so far, my standing station designs have been clunky and awkward. This looks perfect!

----- Anne Stewart 10.04.08 13:33

Not a big IKEA fan more like the opposite. But I was looking for something like that. So mabey I go check it out and end up with a bunch of tableware, flowers and lamps like always ;-)

----- matthew_barney 10.04.08 13:07

oooh so nice for small spaces!!

----- sarah 10.04.08 08:14

IKEA has been producing the IKEA PS locker cabs, of various styles, for many, many years. This is simply a new additon to the line.

----- christine 10.04.08 06:20

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