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Unboxing 1800 Silver Select Tequila- 04.16.08

silverteq.jpgMmmm matte black box, tied up in leather cord, sealed with a big glossy wax seal… along with an enticing black envelope sealed with a matching wax seal, containing silver sheets of paper… it was far too fun to bust open this latest press release to land on my doorstep this morning and discover this beautiful bottle of the freshly launched “100 proof, 100 percent agave, super-premium tequila”, 1800 Silver Select Tequila. This comes from the 1800 Tequila folks (who just started the crazy billboard artist collab campaign i told you about earlier this week)… Really, the unboxing experience was too fun not to share, see the pictures below.

My favorite quotes from the press release… “If James Bond had to give up his martini, shaken, not stirred, he’d switch to 1800 Select Silver”… “For a male-oriented, status-conscious market, driven by luxury and opulence, in which authenticity and perception is all, ordering the best is what counts”… “This is a premium drink for the bon vivant who requests his single malt scotch by name, and who will now be equally fastidious about his favorite brand of tequila.” I love the marketing speak - these made me giggle a bit, and hey marketers, we ladies like our premium drinks and single malt scotches too!

So seeing as i just woke up, and tequila isn’t quite how i start my mornings… i haven’t taken a shot yet, but will update later with how this “raises smooth to new heights”… but for now, be intrigued, and see the pics after the jump of how much fun this gorgeous packaging is!

UPDATED: now i know how to use the stopper as a shot glass… see the video… and my conclusion on the taste…









Rumor has it (well the press release says…) that the stopper doubles as a shot glass, but i have yet to figure out how the best way to use it is… sure it has a hole, sure you can flip the whole bottle upside down and fill it … but HOW do you get it out before it empties back out? And pouring into the tiny hole? Doesn’t seem so easy…



Ok, thanks to Elwyn from Proximo Liquors, we now know how to use the top as a shot glass… and i just tried it… with only ONE shot in me (aka, i’m not wasted!), and i totally spilled on myself a bit. (so, no, no video for you of my attempt)… The conclusion? Interesting idea, not worth trying if you don’t want to waste your precious tequila… really, just take a swig from the bottle if you are shot glass free and need a shot that badly?

OH - and as for the taste. Damn that’s smooth. And i don’t even normally like tequila - i only ever do patrone silver/gold shots if i “must”…. but i think this is my new fav.

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Maybe the shot glass is more for measuring than drinking.

----- joshua peters 18.04.08 09:59

Hi! Saw this link on Tastespotting, that led us here.
The video is awesome! and thanks for the info on this wonderful tequila. Wow, it’s beautiful and maybe on day, we’ll be luck enough to get our hands on some.

----- White On Rice Couple 17.04.08 11:07

I think I saw that fill the cap move in the movie Cocktail… :-)

----- Craig Ogg 16.04.08 18:35

Jean, is it ok if I post your pics on my blog in my “black” category? Perfect fit.

----- Rob 16.04.08 18:29

I love opening boxes and I’m so glad you share the joy (with us).

----- Stickers & Donuts 16.04.08 18:20

been poking and prodding at it - looks like that part is connected… doesn’t seem to want to come apart… not easily anyhow

----- jean/NOTCOT 16.04.08 16:15

pull the stopper out of the glass cap when you’re done?

----- andrew 16.04.08 16:11

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