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IKEA 08 Cravings- 04.15.08

ikea08.jpgBrowsing IKEA’s latest today… they’ve jumped on a few trends i’ve been liking for a while… so naturally much like the laptop station that they made 10% of the original price… funny to see that they have taken to the vinyl stickering (i had kind of expected them to get on this one sooner since its so cheap/easy to produce)… and one trend i’ve been loving for apt dwellers that move frequently and don’t want to worry about damaging the walls, yet want to mount that flat panel tv - the floating wall tv shelves, i’m kind of liking this Stiby one above that is $500… and there is also the Benno after the jump that is a mere$120. Now for the one piece i’m really really wanting - the Trollsta Sideboard… granted the whole series feels like a cheap jaime hayon knockoff… i’m still tempted. It looks really fun to add some subtle vinyl stickers to also…. few more pieces that grabbed me after the jump!


Here is the Benno tv stand and Hemnes vanity table…

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i was super stoked on the trollsta sideboard when i first saw it in the catalog/online, then i went to see it in person and… let’s just say the photos are REALLY flattering. the quality is horrible, even for ikea standards. the brocade pieces on the bottom are also just really shoddy pieces of aluminum stuck to the ends. they separate easily. wish they were at least made of the same material.

----- nicolette 22.12.09 07:02

ikea has had those stickers for a couple years already. the ones your picturing just happen to be from the new styles they are offering now.

----- blkbrrry 16.04.08 07:23

Those vinyl stickers are great looking, good call!

----- Bobby 15.04.08 22:34

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