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Veer’s Secret Wallpapers- 04.13.08

I can’t help myself, i’m so in love with the wallpapers you can unlock with the riddles from the membership booklet of The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding - that they needed a post of their own. It has been a VERY long time since i’ve had anything but a solid black or white desktop wallpaper, but tonight the Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding octopus crest is up! (You can see it after the jump…)


To unlock your own ~ go to Veer solve the riddles and unlock your prizes…

Also, it looks like they have some very cute ads running for this campaign!am_160427_080401_secret_728x90.jpg

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i got mine in the mail today. i got em all but riddle five, it stumped me.

----- gresu 16.04.08 18:27

These are great!!

----- mb 14.04.08 00:29

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