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Veer’s Very Secret Order- 04.12.08

veersecret.jpgI got this mysterious envelope today, and it contained the membership booklet of The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding. Seriously, as great as the internet and email are… snail mail has some perks, especially when it’s in the form of surprises with incredibly well designed typography, stock art, riddles, and a secret society membership card. I felt like i was a little kid as i read through the secret handshakes and riddles in this booklet over breakfast.

This… is the latest mailer from Veer! See more shots of it below!






Check out the official website of The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding here.



And you can even download your own membership booklet! Solving the riddles will get you codes to get deals at Veer.

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FAVE…There’s a brainstorm coming, Pa….

----- Joy 17.04.08 18:30

I got one! It made my whole day, and I even received it before I saw this post, so it was a wonderful surprise! I’m also a proud owner of the Kern zip-up jacket.

----- Kristi 17.04.08 14:51

Upside down, the octopus seal looks a whole lot like Yosemite Sam on an all-night bender. Try it! (I must give credit to a couple guys at our shop, as I hadn’t actually tried looking at it upside down until they suggested it.)

----- Andrew Duthie 14.04.08 20:36

This is my favorite thing I’ve gotten in the mail in ages. Someone at work actually asked me, “Did they send this to everyone or was it custom-made for you? I mean, an octopus? With wings??” Veer definitely knows their marketing.

----- DC 14.04.08 14:24

Man, they TOTALLY get it. Incredible promo.

----- Daniel Holter 14.04.08 02:24

i saw the link to the site in an email, and was sooo jealous that i didn’t get anything in the mail.
but then when i got home, there it was!!!
I LOVE IT! i want a t-shirt with the seal on it.

----- colleen 13.04.08 08:25

Why did I not receive one of these envelopes?!

----- Sposs Jeer 13.04.08 00:53

It’s really a secret now.

----- Conrad 12.04.08 22:11

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