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Bathroom Window NY- 05.20.08

window.jpgI couldn’t help sharing… so i’ve spent the whole day in my room in a sea of press kits on my bed… trying to sort through all my notes and photos, trying to catch up… then i wandered into the bathroom, and the view out the window took my breath away. Silly ipod ad matching the sunset is a bit annoying though… but how gorgeous out is it? Click the pic for the full sized image… unphotoshopped, because i was too lazy (and saving photoshopping energy for the rest of the posts!)

p.s. just added a few more as it got more dramatic on the next page…

p.p.s just added some dark shots! One here (click to view larger) and one more on the next page… SO nice out!





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I miss NYc ! Great pics. Hope to go back some day…

----- Victoria Argentina 17.06.09 18:30

Hello global warming! (the last pic)

----- bronica 05.06.08 00:49

I was more or less simultaneously taking photos of the same sunset out my bedroom window in Brooklyn:


----- Bean 20.05.08 19:42

I love NY! Great scene there, for sure… thanks for the pics and the memories. I just got engaged two weeks ago at the Tribeca Grand. Can’t wait to get back. :)

----- Daniel Holter 20.05.08 19:08

Thanks for bringing city to those of us who cannot bring ourselves to the city! Breathtaking indeed, great impulse photos.

----- The Slapster 20.05.08 17:16

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