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RS Barcelona Foosball + Conran ROJO- 05.20.08

foosball1.jpgIn addition to my growing porcelain fascination this ICFF, i have also been noticing a lot of Foosball Tables going more high design. During the Conran Shop’s Rojo opening (incredible! Definitely worth how wet i got in the rain to get there)… i came across the bright red metal RS Barcelona RS #2 foosball table designed by Rafael Rodriguez… and then saw the white one downstairs in the shop… the silver one at ICFF… and the coat rack versions in both the Conran Shop and ICFF. Really what stands out about this one is the bright metal frames and the arms and expressions on the player! Their faces scream “pass it to me! pass it to me!” with that excited/alert look… and their arms make them look like they are always on the go… which is admittedly, even funnier on a coat rack. There is also a hilarious stumpy super-buff silver and black set of players on another table i found at the Conran Shop that you’ve got to check out on the next page (and maybe one of you knows who made that one?)… see all the pics on the next page!








Here’s the mysterious crazy stumpy silver/black guys in the other set… too bad you can mix and match and have these guys play the excited little guys that have their arms out! Any clue which table this is?



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