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Blackberry Bold- 05.11.08

blackberrybold.jpgI had to tear myself away from spinning the newly announced Blackberry (9000) Bold around on their site… to get this post put together, and it wasn’t easy. It is so pretty - the rumors have been flying for weeks - we posted UI shots - the guys at Crackberry bought one early on ebay and reviewed the gorgeous UI (.org #10424) - so much anticipation… and now, official pics! I love the black/silver look (vs the curve) ~ and it looks like a leather/textured back ~ i still stand by my initial statement that it feels like what would happen if you mixed blackberry/iphone/psp… more pics on the next page!



Nice review over at Cnet:

“It’s more elegant than models past, with curvier edges and a silver trim that complements the black casing. If you turn it over, you’ll also notice that the back has a leatherette texture. No more slick plastic and RIM will sell replaceable backplates in different colors, including blue, gray, and red, if you want to spruce up your phone a bit.”

“It’s currently going through carrier certification, and though RIM wouldn’t officially name the service provider, based on the 3G bands, you can pretty much guess who it will be (hint: starts with an A and ends with a T&T). And while pricing will also depend on the carrier, RIM is guessing it will be in the $300 to $400 range and expected worldwide availability is “this summer.”

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In fact, it’s really closer to the 8800-series in size. This isn’t really a bad thing though. It feels comfortable in hand.

----- BlackBerry Bold 9000 29.12.08 05:42

Hold on Josef, that’s not fair to say he made the stupidest comment!
From the way he’s describing the phone, Michael seems to have used the blackberry bold already, and has reviewed it with the conclusion that it looks like a copy of the iPhone and that the OS AND Interface are terrible. Not only did he say terrible though…”STILL” terrible, that tells you that he’s been playing with that phone for a while now.

----- Marsh 15.05.08 00:59

And the stupidest comment goes to… Michael Wojcik for thinking Apple invented everything first!

----- Josef 12.05.08 21:23

“It’s more elegant than models past, with curvier edges and a silver trim that complements the black casing”

Hmmm. Elegance is easy to design when you just copy the iPhone. If that’s all they can do, that’s pretty pathetic. The OS and Interface is still terrible.

----- Michael Wojcik 12.05.08 08:39

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