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Rockin’ Rocking Sheep- 05.12.08

fuzzysheep.jpgFluffy Sheep! I’m gearing up for Design Week in NY… and somehow have gotten backlogged enough with everything other than posting… anyhow, i digress… Fluffy Sheep!

I first fell giddily in love with these at the Danish Crafts space at ICFF last year - and just noticed that this year they are launching in hot pink and black (and also an unpictured brown and grey)… these are designed by Povl Kjær, more pictures and the story behind the sheep on the next page!

i’m so excited about heading to NY this week for nearly 2 weeks.


From the Danish Crafts Collection Site:

The Rocking Sheep is a rocking animal designed primarily as a toy, which is also a unique crafts product that fits into any setting as a piece of furniture with a wide range of functions, including serving as a TV rack and as a footstool. The Rocking Sheep is made in varnished pine, padded with foam rubber and upholstered in lambskin. The first Rocking Sheep was a gift to Povl Kjer’s niece as a humorous reminder of her parents’ rural background. The Rocking Sheep are handmade in small series to preserve the high level of quality. The Rocking Sheep comes in white, black, brown, grey and pink. The dimensions are W: 25 cm, L: 83 cm, H: 60 cm, seat height approximately 40 cm.

Povl Kjær
b. 1954, Danish Designer

Kjær trained at Kolding School of Art and Design 1974-76 and at the Aarhus Art Academy 1976-78. In 1981, he completed his apprenticeship as a wood carver, and since then has worked in most areas of the trade including ornaments, figures, moulds, models, reconstruction and renovation. Povl Kjær works mainly in wood and often handles assignments from museums, exhibitions and private companies. Among his works are exhibition mannequins for the Carlsberg Brewery. For the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, he created a sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen and a set of wooden figures to illustrate Andersen’s fairytales. Kjær has also worked with Lego and designed a knife series for the steak restaurant chain A Hereford Beefstouw. In his knives, shape plays a crucial role

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4 Notes

Not only are they cute, but very durable and the craftmanship is beautiful and traditional. When I picked mine up at the artists house in Denmark, he showed me the one he initially made for his son - it was old, but still looked nice. Now mine is more than 10 years old - it has been used daily for the past ten years and still looks like new.
I do not know where you can buy it in the US, but there are some online stores in Europe: www.smallable.com

----- Eva 12.05.09 09:11

Very cute!!! Where can I find one of these to buy?

----- Farzaneh Fazeli 20.05.08 12:22

these are so cute!!
Love them all :)

----- La Woodstock 13.05.08 09:48

Nice find. I am not sure how that gets your ready for design week. LOL. My wife would certainly enjoy one of the sheep. After all counting sheep will help you sleep.

----- John 13.05.08 03:00

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