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Design Glut - ICFF- 05.18.08

designglut.jpgUm. Ok, i honestly don’t know where to start, i did sit in a diner and scribble out a “list of things i *need* to post about” and its getting a bit lengthy. Covered all of ICFF show floor yesterday, parties and openings friday/saturday night… and design week/end isn’t even over yet… i have that nagging feeling that i’m getting quite behind!!! SO, where to start?

Well for designs/designers i finally met in person, i’m in love with the brooklyn based Design Glut’s collection of pieces, so cheeky, and they feel/look awesome in person!!! If you were ever on the border about buying some, they have just made my list of perfectly gift worthy. I basically need the Crude Ring, the weight and feel of it was much nicer in person! And the Hookmaker tiles would be perfect to swap into bathrooms/kitchens… to have that kind of space to hang and store those little make up brushes, hair things, and other randomness would be so nice. Their new little Smoking Guns are too funny, i want to pick one up for all my smokers, although it might back fire, sticking the barrel of that gun into your mouth might start to look too cool and become a trend of its own. Anyhow, take a look at the pics from the show on the next page… i will have far more to come throughout the next week, looks like posting will be my new excuse to slow down from the running around!


“The Crude Jewelry collection is manufactured in monthly batches. Each piece is engraved with the date it was made and the price of a barrel of oil on that day. Crude Ring redefines luxury by placing a miniature oil barrel into a prong setting, rather than a traditional diamond.”



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I can’t believe you are posting already! Amazing. Can’t wait for the next installment!

Have FUN..

----- jen 18.05.08 15:41

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