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The New (little) Jawbone - 05.16.08

newjawbone.jpg It’s about time! The Jawbone has finally been redesigned to be less of a monstrosity on your face. Ok, so maybe i’m being a little harsh here, but i did fall in love with the Jawbone at first online sighting… but then i finally tried it in a store and was appalled at how massive it was on me… maybe my face just isn’t large enough? But now the new one is about half the size! And it no longer cancels noise… it now assassinates it, with its upgraded “noise assassination”. Rumor has it that you are also not to call this the “Jawbone 2” (so, watch out blogs that already did so)… since they are killing off the old one, so its more of a replacement product than a new option (not that you’d want the bigger one anyhow… although that one has longer talk time, but little one has more standby time). Oh, and this one also comes with a leather covered ear loop, and i hear you can headbang with it without the earloop and it stays on pretty well? Basically, i’ve woken up to many a good rumor about this one, and am now tempted to go hunt one down and try it! More pics on the next page as usual…



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I am sad because I bought the Jawbone less than 2 months ago, just in time for the entrance of Quebec laws requiring a hands free device while driving. In reality, it is not too bad since my hair covers it but the stupid light is giving it away. The latest model looks more refined for sure.

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