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Fencing + Food = BBQ Sword- 05.07.08

fencingsaber.jpgThe perfect saber for roasting marshmallows while simultaneously skewering your arch nemesis? Too funny - add this one to the pile of random fencing posts here on NOTCOT. BBQ Sword found at TrendsNow.

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If you want to bbq marshmallows, then the BarbeSkew does them to perfection. I just bought one from Harrods for only £299 and I know it’s a specialist bbq for bbq enthusiasts but wow it did my marshmallows to perfection.

Basically it’s got 2 battery motors, and if you stick the marsh mallows on the smaller skewers they just rotate until the marsh mallows are crispy brown. It’s brilliant!

----- EdWray 08.05.08 14:25

wow, thats kinda hilarious, but pretty awful.

----- rugenius 08.05.08 10:46

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