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Naef Rainbow = Block + Instrument- 05.08.08

rainbowtoy1.jpgNaef makes the most incredible wooden toys that transcend age… with vibrant colors and unlimited possibilities, they are good from childhood through adulthood - being both toys, desk sculptures, and perfect for coffee tables/waiting rooms! I’ve obsessed on them before, and Dan has even purchased a few… but i recently rediscovered the Rainbow, which was designed by Heiko Hillig.

Rainbow is not only a wooden stacking toy - that opens up the possibilities with its bright colors and playful curves… but add the mallet to it, and each piece becomes its own tuning fork! It has received numerous design awards including the Bundespreis for product design in 1998, Germany and the German Design Award Wooden Toys in 1997. And although its pricey at $175 - i can see this being a great gift for parents of new borns… or any designer regardless of age…



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I wonder how it sounds? I hope you aren’t supposed to strike it the way it is in the picture, hard to imagine that the pieces would rock like crazy in that position.

----- Craig 12.05.08 09:41

where can i get a grayscale version?


----- matthew harrison smith 08.05.08 11:14

175 bucks is ridiculous.

----- ron 08.05.08 08:21

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