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Into the Tech-Free Woods- 05.23.08

peacham.jpgSo, the rumors are true. NOTCOT has gone where no tech addict chooses to go… there is NO CELL RECEPTION and NO INTERNET. *gasp*. After much mocking about how i “probably can’t remember the last time i’ve been off the grid” (and no, i can’t remember)… today we semi-spontaneously checked out early from NYC, grabbed a rental car (4WD black 2007 rav4), and cruised up to Peacham, Vermont… to a log cabin dan’s parents built back in the 70s, and no one has really lived there since (brief visits, but little more than that) - can you see it peeking out from between all the trees?

It’s adorable, the surroundings breath-taking - who wouldn’t be in love with that lush greenery and fast moving fish filled creek all around after the urban concrete/smells/sounds of NYC? The cabin is going to take a bit of work though, and after so much tech-tethered work, i guess a little manual labor and communing with nature can’t be all bad. So if i get a bit quiet this week, you’ll know where i disappeared to, and if i’m quiet longer than that… well, send a search party?

As for how i’m posting this? Well we’ve got to get the water running again, sort out some new furniture/matresses/etc, and hook up a phoneline (and yes, high speed dsl is on its way)… so, thanks to the kindness of friends, i’m getting a warm bed and my internet fix for the day. Few more sneak peeks on the next page - probably loads more to come as i wander and take more pics the next few days!




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VT isn’t all that great…I’m a born & raised NYC girl who now lives in Burlington, VT for work. Yes - the nature is beautiful but take a gander at the “hipsters” and hippies around here, it’ll make you gag. The art scene is pretty “inspired by” as well. Such a shame.

----- Susan 28.05.08 07:50

More and more I long for places like this. When I’m there I never miss the world…and get so inspired…

----- Anne Maa 25.05.08 18:52

I hope you find refreshments in them thar woods.

----- sabine 25.05.08 17:14

I went to Vermont last weekend, and have never felt so comfortable without my computer or phone! It was absolutely gorgeous (my first time there, too). I even returned with an accordion. Never thought I WOULDN’T miss NYC, but well there you go ;) Enjoy! Can’t wait to see more photos /read more.

----- Johanna 25.05.08 11:54

Be careful You city folks can be very easily poisoned by oxygen in nature :O :)

----- M72 25.05.08 06:31

sounds fun! i have watch the site grow and grow now for a long time… so glad to see you guys having fun with it! keep up the amazing work and thank you for at least a couple years of enjoyment!

----- dailydesignspot. 24.05.08 19:39

Sounds and looks like fun! Make sure to take lots of pictures of that “nature” stuff.

----- Mitzi 24.05.08 07:35

really cool and exciting :)

----- Tony 23.05.08 21:03

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