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Iron Man - House/Lab Envy- 05.03.08

ironman.jpgWow. Iron Man. I actually fought going to it, since i’ve been pretty let down as far as superhero movies go lately… but i must admit it exceeded my very low expectations by quite a bit, and i now have a massive case of house/lab envy. Beautiful (fictitious) house in malibu overlooking point dume… tons of windows, insane lab below, beautiful bedroom overlooking the pacific, castiglioni’s arco lamp in the living room… and that LAB, with the adorable (in personality) robots, and gorgeous collection of cars (i groaned when they smashed some)… can the next side project for NOTCOT be starting a crazy research lab here overlooking the beach for fun?

Anyhow, just got back, and i can’t get that house out of my head ~ video on the next page of a walkthrough of the set, but unfortunately, low res, and it could use a few better shots of the house - see the movie to see it properly? Also interesting to note… gwyneth paltrow in stilettos and pencil skirts *running* away from giant robot on grates, seriously? And product placement galore as well - his need for burger king, and constantly flipping those LG phones… OH and i was drooling over those Audi R8s the whole time too (thanks, nick, for the reminder in the comments).





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I m architect, i like to see the project of the house of iraon man the film


----- Fabiano Dielle 08.10.08 12:02

PSS - This will answer any of your questions: http://www.superherohype.com/news/topnews.php?id=7133

----- Dubz Paradise 12.05.08 20:52

Watched it last night. It was worth the price of admission (however, the old lady didn’t like the glorified violence). It would have been easier debating with a brick wall than explaining the morality of creating a “super weapon” (Iron Suit) to destroy other weapons of mass destruction. I see the hypocrisies of war, as Full Metal Jacket said “…..the duality of man”, but I would still like 8 of those suits (one in green and gold perhaps). Either way, as a carpenter, that was an amazing architectural design of the house (however, I believe it is just Hollywood Magic, or one crazy contractor whom likes to live on the edge!). If this house does exist I need to rethink my existence. CHEERS ALL!! PS-I’ll take the Stark Cars in the garage and you all can fight over the over rated Audi R8

----- Dubz Paradise 12.05.08 20:48

The house was amazingly ridiculous. I love the big, rustic coffee table in the living room.

----- design snob 11.05.08 19:39

Does anyone know anything about that house! Oh my goodness. Is it real, or just movie magic? Pics, Links, anything?

----- Shyrynne 09.05.08 09:35

Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; it drops pretty obvious hints that would indicate a sequel as well… i’m thinking the next one should be equally great

----- patrick 06.05.08 19:56

Saw it, Nathan… But, I thought the whole “Baby Iron Man” thing at the end was a little too cutsie.

----- JoeyJoJo 04.05.08 11:36

I also loved the magazine montage and how all the covers were just spot on design wise. A lot better than most movies where they just slap some portrait into a TIME template and call it done.

----- Andrew 04.05.08 07:20

THIS movie was freaking awesome! loved it.

----- jaime 03.05.08 20:25

i just saw the movie last night and i was in awe of all the visuals too. i trust you stayed to see what happened after the credits?

----- nathan 03.05.08 11:46

haha yeah, and they loved those Audi cars as well the R8 is even featured in a weird Audi/Ironman movie poster!

----- Nick 03.05.08 02:28

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