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Kaiju Studios - i/o Desk Organizer - 05.04.08

io1.jpg With so much tech accessorizing coming in the form of metals and plastics, its refreshing to see this new i/o Desk Organizer from Kaiju Studios that is made of walnut wood and felt. This modular system allows for constant reorganization depending on your needs, with everything from cable wraps, dividers, picture holders, and more. The design uses natural, warm materials that are ecologically responsible. See more detailed shots on the next page…






10 Notes

this surely looks conceptual but one query, does it makes some use? i mean some efficient use and that too for a worth??

----- Sadique 08.08.08 08:17

Very nice. Whera can i find it in france?

----- leonard lievre 22.06.08 02:50

How cool is this. I just wish there were some here in Mexico.

----- Richard 22.05.08 06:02

I love it! What fabulous design!

----- Marcella Specce 08.05.08 18:52

I love this. Where can I buy it?

----- Melody 08.05.08 12:33

I need need need one of these! The Eat.Shop.Rhode Island book, is a nice homage. I knew RISD had to be in there somewhere after that! Beautiful simple design.

----- Leo 08.05.08 10:44

Awesome find Jean.

I’m moving house at the end of the month and this is definitely on my wishlist for the new place.


----- Sergei Muller 06.05.08 04:35

nice idea… clean design. makes me wish that the little boxes could stand upright by themselves if i needed my pens/paperclips/etc. in assorted areas temporarily - rather than moving the whole contraption.

----- rochelle 05.05.08 09:51

This is beautiful, especially the wire-spool detail. Desk organizers are an oversaturated category, but this one stands out.

----- Joey Roth 05.05.08 09:15

This is a beautiful organizer. I would love to see one sitting on my desk right now. Will this be available to purchase; if so, where would I find one?

----- Remy 05.05.08 07:50

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