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Mighty (Tiny) Radar Party Invite- 05.05.08

mightyradar1.jpgInvitation design ~ just recieved this invite from our friends at Radar of Tiny Pictures, and they never cease with the tiny jokes… this one really made me feel like an old lady. That is some of the smallest type ever! Adorable that it came with a magnifying glass perfectly aligned on the card. The private (with public sharing allowed) mobile photo site sent this invite for their Might (Tiny) Radar Party! Which will be taking place at the end of the month… so keep an eye out for more info on the public party in SF if you’re an avid Radar user. If you’re not, well maybe you should be. It’s a nice anti-facebook solution for all those pictures you don’t want EVERYONE to see, but just a few super special friends. See more pics on the next page!!!







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thanks jean. we’ll see you there.

and here’s a link to the user event later in the evening:


everyone’s welcome!

----- John Poisson 06.05.08 11:43

Hey Jean!
Any chance you’ll let me tag along with you? We can be friends.

----- momo 06.05.08 09:49

hot hot hot! i’ll see you at the party!

----- khris 06.05.08 09:09

that is a cool, creative invite! no matter how much i love the internet, snail mail is always the most thrilling.

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 06.05.08 08:06

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